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Fortuna Boat Hotel Budapest Part 1 Pros

This is my review on The Fortuna Boat Hotel. This hotel may not be for everyone, but I had so much fun staying there for five days!

  1. Great location if you like to walk or have a car
  2. Front desk very professional. Speaks enough English
  3. Luggage room if your room is not ready
  4. Clean room
  5. Small room but well put together
  6. Closet has hangers on one side and shelving on the other side
  7. Shelf above the bed because room is too small for side tables
  8. Comfortable mattress
  9. Mini bar. Nice to have because there are no shops near the hotel
  10. Free Wi-Fi that works
  11. Free parking
  12. Small bathroom with good small space planning
  13. Shower with shower curtain. Sink is next to the shower but belongings keep dry because the curtain is big enough to protect the sink. There is a shelf above the sink.
  14. Rubber flooring in entire bathroom that is non slippage
  15. Water pressure is excellent.
  16. Toilet flushes strongly. It flushes with a pull string like a light or a fan. Don’t let the pull string concern you. It flushes great
  17. Nice full breakfast included in the price of the room. Coffee machine that has all different kinds of coffee.
  18. Beautiful decks outside to sit and relax and have a drink or sit and work like I’m doing right now.
  19. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Margaret Island and the city. At night don’t forget to see the water fountain on Margaret Island lit up at night. I was lucky to have that view from my window!
  20. No flies or Mosquitos, no bug spray smell. Because they are right on the water, it’s amazing how the hotel controls mosquitos or flies.
  21. I ate at their Lord Nelson and the food and service was wonderful and at a good price.

Like I said in the beginning, this hotel is not for everybody. I feel the pros outweigh the cons. If you people watch, you will see down to earth visitors that are in pretty good shape. If you need a lot done for you, then this is not the place for you. If you stay on the second floor, the stairs are pretty steep because it is a boat. You need to carry your own suitcases up and down. I just made two trips to get my luggage.
The Boat Hotel Fortuna has 48 rooms.
On the very bottom of the boat, there is a small Hostel that has 14 rooms. I didn’t stay in the Hostel, but I did take a look at it. The halls in the Hostel are dark and spooky. The shared bathrooms are dark too. The rooms are pretty bright and have two portholes. Looking at the beautiful view from the portholes is really nice. You can have a private room and there are rooms for small families.
I would stay at the Hotel Fortuna again in a heartbeat!

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