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Budapest boutique hotels

Hello fellow travelers, We will be traveling to Budapest with another couple in September '23 and are looking for an upscale small hotel or boutique hotel in the city center. Any suggestions?
It looks like most of the posts on this topic are before the pandemic and we were hoping for more up to date information.

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i dont know about boutique hotels in Budapest; but, the Kampinski Hotel near the ferris wheel was fantastic. The location could not be any better. Great breakfast and service.

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We stayed there for five days some years ago and I second the suggestion of the Kempinski.

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June 2019 so pre pandemic. Corinthia hotel near the octagon tram station. Very nice stay in a room that had lounge and spa access. Both were vet nice. Good breakfast too.

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I'm not a big fan of the Kempensky, sort of out of cultural context, but the Corinthia is stunning; but neither is a upscale small hotel or boutique hotel.

I will give it a shot but do keep in mind that while I may have visited most of these I have never checked in; but they all looked interesting to me.

The Alice Hotel I started with this one because it has intrigued me for years. The renovated mansion sits on upper Andrassy ut halfway between the Bajza utca and the Hősök tere (Hero’s Square) stops of the M1 Metro. Has a garden café facing onto Andrassy ut. Someday I will give it a try.

Callas House on Andrassy ut above the famous Callas Café and next door to the Opera House.

Casati Budapest Hotel just a block of Andrassy ut near the Opera House. Sort of quirky location, but interesting place (I frequent their bar from time to time)

Párisi Udvar Hotel one of the most beautifully restored buildings in Budapest and you pay for it $$$$. Also pushes the concept of “small” quite a bit.

Matlid Palace the second most beautifully restored ….. and also $$$$ Also pushes the concept of “small” quite a bit

Aria Hotel really give this one a hard look. Great location and great achievement of putting something new in the context of an historic building.

Avoid: Gerlóczy Boutique Hotel

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Thanks to all for your suggestions and thoughts on Budapest accomodations. I appreciate you taking the time.

Mister W, I am curious as to why you say to avoid Gerlóczy Boutique Hotel? I had it on my list to check out and didnt really form an opinion one way or the other.

Happy holidays to everyone.

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Birder49, I got food poisoning on chicken here in Texas a few weeks ago. Seeing chicken still makes me wat to vomit. Same sort of issue when I read the name of that hotel. Can't get the taste of the place out of my mouth (but nothing to do with food poisioning). Otherwise, other than not the best location, I'm sure it's "fine".

Narrow it down to a few places, send me the names and at the least I can tell you the pros and cons of the locations.

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Thanks Mister E, Will get back in touch in January or Feb when we meet with our travel companions.