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Zakynthos or Crete?


I am a young male in my twenties and traveling by myself in Greece for about a month. Due to certain reservations previously made, I have about 6 day window where I can spend in either Zakynthos or Crete prior heading to kalabaka. This trip will be in mid august (I know its peak season.) Prior to this trip I will have spent a week in Mykonos and 4 days in Athens.

I am debating of flying out of Athens and going to Chania, Crete and then flying back to Athens, or I was thinking I could possibly take a bus to patras and then take a ferry to zakynthos for a couple days? I am not sure if all the work to get to zakynthos would be worth it? The only problem is I don't know how public transportation is in western greece and traveling from patras to kalabaka in return and due to my time limit if it is worth it. Also I would plan on reserving hotels in zakynthos but would I need to book a reservation in patras beforehand as well? Or could I just look for a hotel on arrival. Reminder at the end of the 6 days I would like to be in kalabaka which I realize is kinda out of the way and I am somewhat on a budget but will to stretch it a little.
Thank you!
Would appreciate any thoughts or advice. Zakynthos or Crete?

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IF you can get low enough priced flights Athens to Chania (look at Ryanair as well as Aegean), this seems the obvious choice, to reduce your travelling & allow you long enough somewhere to make it worthwhile. However, mid August is more than peak season, it the absolute busiest 2 weeks of the year, as Athenians leave the heat of the city for the time around 15th August, a National holiday. So your decision may well be based on the flight availability.

Chania is a fabulous little city, vibrant, lively, fun, plenty of bars open late at night if that's your thing, although they are full of Cretans rather than tourists in the city itself, so more authentic. Or you could stay somewhere like Platanias just outside the city if you want holiday resort nightlife.

Chania is very beautiful, an ancient harbour, many little tiny old alleyways etc. Fantastic food. Lots of bus trips out to places like Balos, Elafonisi etc if you want a day out.