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Will my US driver's license work in Greece

Wii my US driver's license work in Greece? THANKS!

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Yes. An International Driving Permit is no longer required from US citizens.

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Lee-is this recent? I was going to go to AAA next week for one. We had to have one in 2018.


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quoting from one of several internet pages, all agreeing, "Greek laws require a foreign driver to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) as well as a state-issued driver's license to operate a vehicle in the country."

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There was a recent Government decree excluding US Canadian and UK drivers no longer require the IDP. I checked with the car rental company and they confirmed it is no longer required.

If you are unable to find confirmation of this information you may wish to contact the Greek embassy in the US and ask or contact your rental company for confirmation. They will certainly know what the requirements are.

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“Great news for all American drivers! Under the new law 4850/2021, U.S. drivers licenses are now recognized in Greece!” the Consulate General of Greece in New York posted on its Facebook page.

If you have facebook access you probably can access the actual announcement

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Thanks so much everyone. I made reservations in February for car rental both in Crete and mainland and was told at that time that I needed an international driver's license. I will double check with them now. Ironically, I went to my local AAA on Friday and they were out of something needed and told me to come back Monday. I was annoyed at the time but now...

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To confirm messages from Lee and stanbr:

The international permit is no longer necessary for American citizens, the Consulate General of Greece in New York posted this information on its Facebook account in November 2021.

For details of the law see below ( paragraph g )

Article 94 of Greek Law No. 4850/2021 (November 5, 2021)
specifies that are authorized to drive:

Paragraph b/

Holders of a valid international driving license issued by any state except Greece and not having their habitual residence in Greece.

Paragraph g/

Holders of a valid driver's license for motorcycles and passenger cars during their stay in Greece, and whose driver's license was issued by the United States of America or Canada or the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth of America and Gibraltar.

Holders of a valid driver's license for motorcycles, quadricycles and passenger cars that do not have their habitual residence in Greece and whose license was issued by a state in which no international driving license is issued.


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We're driving in Greece now. The Greek's philosophy is that laws don't seem to apply to them, so say some Greeks. The roads are great and just so you know, they are aggressive and drive impatiently so don't be surprised if they pass on double lines, blind corners, or park anywhere.

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Hi sue, you meant US driver's license work in Greece and no need to have the international driver license, is it correct?

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I believe Sue was trying to prepare you for the way Greeks drive and was not commenting on the validity of the US drivers license.

When driving in Greece you really do need two sets of eyes on the alert the whole time. The locals drive fast, are impatient and cut every corner. The driver has to concentrate on driving. The passenger has to navigate and look for signs and read the map and listen to the GPS.
After a while you get used to it.

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Like many things with travel, there always seems to be confusion. We are renting a car next month. Our travel agent indicated we should get the International Permit,so we did. I am thinking even if not "officially" required,that information might not filter down to the local constabulary. In any case, a moot point-I have it and figure better to have one and not need it than need it and not have it. Safe travels.

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The cost of an International Driver's Permit for US Citizens is $20 or $35 if you need 2 photos. It's better to spend a few extra dollars/euros just for peace of mind. If you get stopped or have an accident you don't want to have to explain why you don't have one and be shocked by the cost of a fine.

As far as driving in Greece. I would never, ever drive in Athens.

I've driven on many islands and never had any issues with obnoxious or dangerous Greek Drivers. I'm not saying there aren't any but for the most part it's very safe to drive in Greece especially in more rural areas. Sometimes I've been the only driver on the road!

You do have to watch for goats but they usually stay on the side of the road, occasionally they'll be in the road.

I'm never in a big rush while driving in Greece so I take my time, never speed and obey all traffic laws.

The most "danger" is gawking at the scenery, so keep your eyes on the road and if you want photos pull over to the side of the road where possible.

Use common sense and you'll have no problem driving in Greece.

My observation is based on driving off season, October, when there are hardly any tourists about. What it's like when there are more tourists than locals on the road may be a different issue as far as how "dangerous" it is to drive in Greece.