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Wifi and cell phones

I’m looking for any feedback on how reliable wifi is in Greece, particularly Athens and Piraeus. We are arriving from the US, staying two nights in Piraeus then leaving on a 7-night cruise if the islands, then back to Athens for four nights. We have a variety of activities lined up for our non-cruise related nights and I’m concerned about communication. We’ve traveled a variety of places in Europe and Asia, but the only place I ever bought an international SIM card for was China because of their stringent control of the internet and I wanted to be able to use a VPN, which worked great. I’m trying to decide if the wifi will be sufficient enough for me to communicate via email or WhatsApp with most of the transfer and tour providers. I could just get a SIM card but not sure it’s warranted? Thoughts?

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I was in Athens in 2017 and the Wifi was sufficient to communicate via email as well as WhatsApp. I used WhatsApp throughout mainland Greece, Naxos & Santorini. I felt a SIM card wasn’t necessary.

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We have been in Greece three weeks now. WiFi has been good in every hotel and Airbnb we have stayed at. Even video calls through FaceTime and Messenger are no problem. We haven’t felt the need to buy a SIM card.

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Since the Greek government is nothing like the Chinese government, I don’t think you’ll have problems using WiFi.

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I had no problem when I last visited Athens a couple of years ago. I use T-Mobile, which does not require any sort of extra add-on international calling option; texts are all free and calls within Greece, as well as in/out of Greece are allowed with a usually low international rate. No problems connecting to a Greek cell service.

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All the serious hotels in Athens and Piraeus provide 50-100Mbps internet connection nowadays. I m almost sure you won't face any issue on this matter.

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Just returned from two weeks in Athens, Naxos and Santorini. Wifi was fine and we used what's app the whole trip.