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Which island is best for me?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the double post today. :)
We are headed to Greece in mid-June with a 5yo and 9mo. Because we'll have the baby, we do not plan on island hopping or doing any vigorous activities (hiking, etc). We essentially just want to feel like we "live" in a new, beautiful place for a week. We plan to spend our days by our pool, maybe go to a beach club once or twice or charter a boat for a day and then go out to explore the towns and have dinner at night.

What we want:
-Lodging with a private pool (airbnb/villa is what we are leaning toward for privacy and ease of lunches/snacks/naps with kids within meters vs a long walk from pool to hotel room.)
-Accommodation near a beach that's good for kids (would love if it were walkable)
-Nearby supermarket to stock up on goods and bakery for breakfast and coffee (would love if it were walkable)
-Short drive to quintessential Greek town with cafes, views, shopping, park/playground, etc.

Based on my googling, this seems to be Chania, Crete. I can easily be convinced otherwise, but if you agree, any specific place in Chania I should aim for as far as lodging? I read to head to Old Town, but it looks massive, is there a neighborhood/streets we should aim for as far as good restaurants/meandering/shopping/evenings with kids? Any other nearby towns/villages we should visit? Must visit clear/calm beaches? I've read Elafonisi and Balos.

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I stayed in old town in Chania and what you want does not seem to be there. I think there are places to rent with pools outside of town which perhaps even have Chania as their address. But it isn’t old town which is apartments and hotels. I don’t think you are going to easily find all that you want in Chania. But perhaps I am wrong. Look how far the places with pools are from old town. Now old town is pedestrianized so not sure where you would park. We didn’t have a car.

Balos is a long ways from Chania and Elafonsi even further. We went to Balos but elected to stay in nearest town rather than day tripping. It is not a place I would recommend with young children. The water itself is very calm but access is a walk down a fairly steep hill. It is a rather harrowing gravel road to get there.

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That is actually what I was thinking too. St George beach is walking distance from Naxos town. It is small hotels that are walking distance to the beach. There are also restaurants right on the beach and we ate at one of them. It was very good. This is where we stayed and we rented a car for a couple days. The beach here is very shallow and there are lots of kids.

There are other places on the coast that have more beach houses with pools. I am not familiar with them but you can look. But I think it was be much easier to drive into Naxos town than Chania .

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Yes Naxos is the solution to your wish list. Find a hotel at St George beach. Its about 300 meters long with lots of family run hotels just steps from the beach. Lovely sand beach and very shallow water. Your 5 year old will find new friends on the beach within 5 minutes of arrival.
Naxos town is just a 10, minute strool along the headland. Easy walk into town from St George, Greeks love children even late in the evening the staff will probably be engaging the kids while you enjoy dinner.
Some images of Naxos
Naxos town 2022

Naxos sunsets
St George beach

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to add to stanbr's recommendation, st george is also desirable location because the walk to port town amenities is flat, paved road and sidewalk along shore... so you can use a stroller (bring cheap foldable "cane" type). but do not Dither!! it's already late for booking best locations -- and don't hold out for a pool, you couldn't relax beside one anyway with young kids, no shallow pools.

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Naxos it is! Looked into after your replies and it's a dream. Exactly what we were looking for. So glad I asked here and thank you so much for your responses.