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which greek islands

never having been to greece, my wife and I are looking for recommendations about what islands to visit, we prefer not too crowded, close to stores and restaurants and beaches. what do you suggest. thanks . nick b.

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I would suggest Naxos and Rhodes with a day trip to Delos. You could also spend a week on Crete. You can find areas with fewer crowds on Santorini and then could see Acrotiri.

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How long will you be in Greece. When are you planning to go. What is your budget? Are you going to visit Athens? This information will enable us to provide more detailed thoughts.

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Hi! It seams you don't like the crowd and you like food and beaches. I highly recommend visiting the Cyclades archipelago. Milos island is full of beautiful beaches, restaurants and you can easily take a ferry to reach the pretty small island of Kimolos. Many boats suggest day trip around Milos and it's a good idea because this island is full of surprises and secrets only accessible by boat. Furthermore, you can take a ferry and visit Sifnos island, not a lot of crowds and very interesting food. Near you have also Serifos, a pretty not touristic island with a beautiful main town!

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I second the suggestion of Milos. Naxos or Paros would also be good choices but I think they are more crowded. I was in Milos just last July and it was not crowded at all. Sifnos even less so. The boat ride around Milos was incredible. But as Stanb said, when you are going and for how long make a huge difference in which island would be best for you. Here's my photos -

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You didn't provide a whole lot of info. When you are going is a big factor about "not too crowded" which is mostly July & August and the most expensive time to go.

However, I can make a number of suggestions:

Tinos (a gem of a Greek Island):

Amorgos: (Beautiful:)

Chios: (Beautiful "Mastic" Villages and Scenery)

Lots more to consider depending on your budget, likes, crowds, traditional or touristy.

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I would also suggest Milos for a beautiful place that's not too crowded. Everyone there was wonderful and we were invited to celebrate a wedding when we were there.