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Which Greece Tour Group should I go with?

We are trying to decide between two Greece trips and were looking for your input.

Group A 14 Day in August


- Athens
- Kalambaka
- Monasteries at Meteora
- Delphi
- Náfplio
- Crete
- Santorini
Not Included
- Flight back to Athens not included
- airport transportation not included.

Group B 13 Day in September


- Athens
- Santorini Island
- Santorini Island/Heraklion
- Heraklion/Chania
- Chania Crete
- Falassarna and Elafonissi Beach
- Flight back to Athens included
- airport transportation included
(nicer hotels than other group?)

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Really seems to be a choice between apples or oranges; which do you want?

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I'd go for the first one as it concentrates a little more on mainland Greece which I think is wonderful. That said having gone on the Rick Steves Greece tour last year I highly recommend that even though its not one of the choices you are considering. I had such a wonderful time that I would go on the exact same tour again with no regrets. Truly the best tour Rick Steves has to offer!

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Thank you all for your opinions. I love the beach but this will most likely be my only trip to Greece. I am so torn.

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If it's going to be your only trip to Greece then I agree with Alan, I would pick A to spend more time exploring the mainland, especially getting to Delphi and Nafplio, two of my favorite places on my trip to Greece.

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I don't like either one!

First of all August is a terrible time for group OR individual travel. In August the whole of Northern Europe jumps into Jumbo Jets and invades the greek isles AND any beachy portions of the mainland. The temps can get up to 100° + in the middle of the day, so one must go hide until the sun lowers. Next, if it's your ONLY trip to greece, spending 2-3 days going to Meteora isn't the best priority -- these are monasteries on top of high pillars in the mountains, and it's amazing that they were able to build them by hauling bricks up in baskets for decades ... but is this really what Greece is about??? The Greece that people remember involves sun and sea, and ruins and villages, and wonderful fresh fruits & veggies and sunsets and flowers, stuff like that. When you say "Crete" without saying anyting about what that means, it's very hard to say what's involved. I DO know that Santorini in August (and many other times) can be a crowd-scene nightmare. Because of the crunch & the degrading of island resources due to massive crowds, island authorities recently have set a daily limit of 8,000 cruise passengers allowed. 8,000. whew.

September is a better time but again -- so hard to understand what would be involved -- I cannot understand how GRoup B can take 13 days because it looks lilke a "canned" fast-forward. I don't trust it, and I know Crete.

May or June are even better choices, from standpoints of best weather, lack of crowds, and better hotel prices. Possible??

FOrtunately, you're looking at 2019, I'm guessing, so you don't have to choose yet. We could help more if you'd share more about yourselves -- are you a couple, how many are you, age range, interests? Are you still in workforce or are you retired and can be more flexible about when to travel? Is 2 weeks your desired time-frame for the trip (not counting arrival day or departure day) ? What's your budget range per person, not counting airfare to/from US? Are you somewhat into Classical Greece (ruins? Temples? Museums?) or into Byzantine? Medieval, Church stuff? or only mainly into dramatic landscapes, foodie experiences, upscale hotels? If you'd just share a few of these things, I know responders will come up with better choices than you've found so far ... so Please, tell us more!

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Thank you everyone for your input.
I agree that I don't want to go in August but that is the option with group A. These two groups are small and women only which appeal to my friend and I. Going out and doing it on our own does not appeal to us. So I think we are going to go with Group A. Hopefully they come out with a second trip in September.