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Where will I go through customs.

We will be flying from Seattle to Greece. We are checking our bags. We have only an hour layover at Charles de Galle. Will we go through customs at CDG, or Athens?

Thanks much!!

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Immigration will occur at CDG; customs ( pretty much a non-event) will happen at ATH.

Immigration ( passport control/inspection) is the time consuming activity.

If you did 2 tickets you are on tissue thin ice. If all on one ticket, be sure you are wearing your best running shoes.

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In Athens.

But I hope you are aware of the difference between immigration and customs, the former will be in Paris.

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If you have only one ticket, you will not need your bags to go through immigration. You will get your bags at the end of your trip. All you need to go through immigration is your passport.

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One thing to keep in mind is that with a one-hour layover, you might make it but your bags may not. They will get to you at your hotel eventually but I would make sure you keep anything that you will need for the first 24 hours with you, just in case.