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Where to stay in Santorini?

We will be in Santorini for about 4 days the beginning of April. We have two little boys (1 and 4) and would like to be in a good location for relaxing and enjoying the outside. Close to restaurants and little shops would be nice. If it's a hotel, we'd love to have a pool (and maybe one that is heated since it's not the middle of summer). If an apartment, a good location close to the beach... my kids love the sand even if the water is cold. I would like to stay under $200/night. A good view and atmosphere is preferred! From what I've already read, it looks like the main areas are either Fira or Oia.
Thank you!!

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Sandy beaches are not what you will find on the most scenic side, the caldera. This is a good link to illustrate that -- And the sand may not be exactly the kind you are imagining. Be sure to click on the names of the beaches for information about them and some pictures. One example I saw said it was not a good place for kids because "the pebbles and rocks are quite large and the sea gets deep quickly."

You can also see that Fira and Oia are on the caldera side, not the beach side -- Most hotels and apartments are tumbling down the caldera from the towns. That means lots of walking up and down, some on stairs, some not, depending on where you stay. Most of the restaurants, at least in Fira where we stayed, are in the town or close to that level.

These pictures can give you a pretty good idea of what that's like --

This Weatherbase link can give you a pretty good idea of the weather averages for April -- It will not be warm (at least by my Tucson standards). But they are averages. It could be warmer or colder or windy or rainy.

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Actually, in Fira "most" hotels are not even on the cliff and require no step climbing whatsoever. It's the more exclusive ones with a view of the caldera that have steps leading to them.

The pools aren't heated and in April will be freezing. So will the sea. Santorini's beaches are volcanic rock/pebbles/grit and as such are unlike the beaches you may be used to.

To avoid further confusion start thinking in EURO, not dollars. $200 = €179

Use the filter system at to search for affordable hotels in the village of your choice.

In Oia check the Anemomilos Hotel, Oia's Sunset Hotel and Laokasti Villas.