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Where to go after the Best of Greece tour.

I had planned to go to Venice for a week after the Greece tour ends on April 5th, but that is obviously out of the question now that my airline has cancelled all flights into and out of Italy. My flight home was booked for April 12th from Venice through Amsterdam. So I want to find some other place to spend a week before flying home out of Amsterdam. I don't want to do any of the Greek Islands this trip as I'm thinking of returning some other time to tour Crete and other islands. But, on such short notice can I find decent, reasonable accommodation (I had rented an apartment in Venice that was under 100 euros a night) in a city such as Paris or London or...…..? My travel agent has suggested Croatia, but I know nothing about it. I'm open to suggestions.

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Croatia or Slovenia might be good choices (I haven't been there), but have you been to the Netherlands before? If not, that would seem the simplest choice and there's plenty to see and do in and around Amsterdam for that extra time. A bonus would be the tulips blooming in April.

I'm sure you could find accommodations in Paris or London if you want to go there, and of course they're great destinations any time.

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It’s too early in the season for coastal Croatia, as many places will still be closed for the winter and there will be fewer flights. A week is too long for Zagreb or Dubrovnik.

Amsterdam is a very expensive city for accommodation and you want somewhere cheap during school holidays, which is going to be a difficult call. I would look at direct flights from wherever your tour finishes on 5 April to narrow your selection and then seek a direct flight from there to Amsterdam.

There are hundreds of Greek islands and the mainland to choose from and they can’t all in seen in 2 trips.

Cyprus or Malta maybe possibilities, assuming there are direct flights. Istanbul? Budapest?