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Where Can I buy Evil Eye in Athens

Hi everyone,

I'll be traveling to Athens for a day on my way to the islands at the end of June. I really want to pick up some evil eye jewelry while I'm in Athens. I don't want to buy gold jewelry but, something nice that's made in Greece. Is this something that will be easy to find? We will be in Athens only for the day to see the Acropolis and museum.

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Many souvenir stores in the Plaka display anti-evil eye charms prominently, and I would imagine that they have more jewelry inside, away from the street. Criticizing the Plaka shops seems to be a bit of a cottage industry, but for some things I'm interested in--ancient pottery reproductions (or at least evocations)--there are some really nice things if you pick the right shop. So, maybe the same would be true of evil eye jewelry.

[Edit] Some of the museum shops might have what you're looking for; you might check, e.g., the Cycladic Museum shop online.

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I'm quite sure you will find them just about everywhere. I think I bought mine at the Acropolis museum shop, but I could be mistaken. I bought a string of blue worry beads with the evil eye charm on the end. I liked the worry beads as a souvenir because I saw so many men in Greece (and Turkey) with their hands behind their backs working the beads. This was about 15 years ago and I still love my souvenir. We saw them just about everywhere in just about every incarnation - jewelry, toys, pens, etc etc etc, in just about every souvenir shop.

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I don't think I'm wrong when I say the evil eye souvenir is probably the most widely offered souvenir product you'll find in Greece. Don't worry, you'll be able to buy it in whatever form you prefer. Look here:

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Don't worry you can find it practically anywhere! Today I strolled around Adrianou Street in Plaka and you could see them everywhere! I even thought of buying one myself lol. You can see it on keychains, jewellery, bags, t-shirts anything you can imagine :)