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Wheelchair access to Acropolis?

My husband and I will be in Athens for three days before our cruise to the Greek Islands in May. Of course we want to see the Acropolis, however, he has problems with shortness of breath when walking uphill. Is there anyway to get to the top of the Acropolis without actually walking uphill or up a lot of steps? He's not actually in a wheelchair, but I figure if they have wheelchair access, like a drive where a taxi can drop us near the top, someone might know and help me out with the information.
Thank you to anyone who has tried this and knows for sure.

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To give you actual picture of what's involved in walking up Acropolis to Parthenon (it's level once you get to top), here's an actual step-by-step video - And the beginning shows the path after u pass the ticket-office, so no, there is no "taxi drop" nearer the top.

THe Acropolis elevator has been much improved, but online sites don't make it clear whether some kind of proof of disability is required in order to use it. That useful SAGE link gives a US telephone # and I think they would have more information on how a person would qualify to use the elevator and what kind of advance reservation would be needed.

It would add to credibility of need for elevator if he has a doctor's note to some kind of medical condition ... also, just in general, has he considered using along a foldable/packable trekking stick?? There's one called EArthTrek Gear that's Genius! lightweight tubes (strong internal bungee cord) 4 parts fold like a "W" & socket together; folded, its' size of hardcover book but lighter - available Amazon for about $27. Looks sporty and really helps in walking. I got one before my knee-replacement solved that problem ... and then, using 2 of these, I found I could stride along much more readily, without fatigue (and folks, I'm an oldie!) . BTW, has husband talked w his doctor about this shortness of breath problem? Greece has LOTS of uphill walks & streets & you don't want something sudden to happen.