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What time to Make Dinner Reservations for Greek Restaurants

Can anyone advise us what time we should make dinner reservations in nice, "white tablecloth" restaurants in Athens for a trip planned in October? We are typically somewhat early eaters but having traveled quite a bit in Italy, Portugal and Spain know we have to modify our dinner time preferences but wonder how much. What would be the earliest times where we won't be the only one's, or first ones there? Thanks!

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I don't know what you mean by a restaurant with "white tablecloths", whether it's related to the price or the style of cooking or something else.

The Greeks do not usually dinne before 8:30 p.m. and even rather 9 p.m.
But in the very touristy places you will find restaurants where you can eat at almost any time.

We go quite often to Athens but we have never booked for dinner except once or twice when we went during the day to reserve.
But I don't remember if there were "white tablecloths" because for us the important thing is what's on the plate (and in the glasses).

That being said we have never been to very high end restaurants in Athens like the Soil (Michelin starred) where I suppose you can dine from 7pm provided you have booked well in advance.

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Check their website for serving times, and make the reservation for when you want to dine. Is there some reason that you don't want to be the "first ones there"?

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I recall leaving a nice restaurant around 10:00 pm and there were many Greeks waiting to be seated.