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What do you think of my March 2019 Greece trip plan?

March 12 - arrive Athens, 9pm
March 13 - day free to tour Athens main sites (I have been to Athens before)
March 14 - Pick up at hotel by Private Greece Tours for 4 night tour
sleep Napflion

March 15 - sleep Olympia
March 16 - sleep Delphi
March 17 - sleep Kalambaka
March 18 -sleep Athens
March 19 - 7:30am ferry to Naxos, arrive 12:30
March 19, 20, 21 - sleep Naxos
March 22 - ferry to Santorini
March 22, 23 - sleep Santorini
March 24 - fly to Athens, arriving at 12 noon
March 24 - sleep Athens at the Sofitel Airport Hotel
March 25 - fly to Athens to Frankfurt and home to Seattle

I realize that many suggest doing Athens at the end but I like the end of my trip to be pure relax time and always end our trips in a spectacular destination. We are flying in from Santorini the night before to make connections easy.

What do you think, though, of Private Greece Tours? They've got stellar reviews.

This is the part of the trip I am toying with, though. I get tired of transiting around on our own so, as we get older (smarter?) I tend to pay a bit more for private transfers vs. bus/train. So I like the idea of the private tour to see these areas. It's not much more expensive than the packed 48-person Gate 1 bus tour of the area. Part of me is mulling over canceling Private Greece Tours and just heading to Napflio on our own for 3 nights and skipping the monasteries altogether.

I should add that we have no interest in driving on our own.

Your thoughts are appreciated. Jam packed 5 day tour, followed by relaxing time on Naxos and Santorini?

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Is the tour company taking you between Nafplion, Olympia, Delphi, and Kalambaka? I think one night each is fine at Olympia and Delphi, but would usually expect another night each at Nafplion and Kalambaka, based on travel time and the sightseeing options available. However, it may work - check what they've spelled out in the timing for each day's sightseeing.

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Wow -- Private Greece Tours really packs a lot into one day. That first day would be more like 2 or even three for us. (We're skipping Meteora and Olypmia because it makes those days too crowded.) Then again, not having to drive might make it more enjoyable.

(off topic a tad, but we're in Seattle, too. Which airline are you flying to get there? )

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Really a lot of rushing around packed into a few days for the Private Tour. Sorta like a drive-by experience or going to McDonalds drive-thru, ordering, picking up your food and off you go.

How much time is actually devoted to each site? How much time are you on the road rather than at a particular site? Tours can be convenient, but they can also be hurry up, let's go, and a few minutes here or there for a quick look-see and off you go to another site.

The Olympia/Delphi sites are far apart, long distance driving with more time on the road than at the site.

While I'm not a fan of organized tours they are convenient, less stress but how much bang for your buck you get to see the actual sites rather than time on the road is open to discussion.

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Too fast for so many very important sites. I also wonder about going to Greece in March, especially the islands.