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Welcome Pickups booking

How in advance should you book a car via welcome pickups? Our trip is in 16 days, can't wait. We need a pick up at the Athens airport as many suggested.

Thank you.

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A few days before is enough. I always book on w-pickpups a day or two before.

You will receive notifications confirming the reservation as well as the driver's name

They are just regular taxis also working for this platform. They are always very friendly and speak English. The last one we booked told us about his whole life as a taxi driver. :))

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Thank you, will wait till closer to arrival date.

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We used Welcome Pickups for our ride to the airport at 5AM and booked just the day before our flight home. We had no issues at all.

Uber and Freenow are also apps that can summon taxis FYI. They're good tools to have when you are out exploring the Athens metropolis

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We usually book a day or two ahead. We have also used the Uber prebook feature. I have never had a problem with either one, but my daughter has had a couple of Uber prebooked rides that never showed.