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Weather in Greece

Hello all,
I am planning a 10 day tour in Greece, Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, some time in March 2016, and would like to know about the weather conditions there. Will i be able to fully enjoy the trip or because of the weather the activities like ferry rides etc will take a hit ?
Thanx in advance

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Besides the weather, which means no swimming or beach time, consider that Greece, specifically the Islands are seasonal destinations, so March is before things get going in April (Easter Time). That said, larger islands like Crete or Naxos can make good year round destinations, Santorini is busy enough that it can be visited year round without too many things shut down, Mykonos however, which is mainly a Beach/Party destination may be somewhat deserted (many restaurants still likely shut down, the Beach Clubs of course shut down, some shops, etc.).

You might consider skipping Mykonos and spend more time on the mainland, the Peloponnese, Delphi, the Meteora, all make great destinations in the off season.

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The majority of us are not weathermen (women) nor are we experts on weather. You should go to various websites that give month-by-month weather averages for anywhere you want to go. Depending on where or what country you are coming from you may find Athens and the islands much better or worse than your local weather. Here in the Northeast US it's just about the end of winter but we still have lots of snow on the ground and temps are below freezing so going to Greece for anyone in the NE of the US would be like going to Hawaii that time of year!

Athens will still have pretty much everything open but the islands may have a lot closed until the weather and/or tourist season starts depending on the island. Mykonos & Santorini are two of the most popular and over-touristed of the Greek Islands but you may find them enjoyable in March but don't expect to take a dip in the ocean!

If you do a little research on your own you can find lots of answers to questions you may have.

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I go to Greece in March each year and, in my experience, the weather is quite variable. It's generally mild by then but you can have the odd cold day. The biggest problem is that it tends to be wet.

Ferries aren't as frequent as in summer but you can get everywhere with a bit of planning. All the sites will be open but a lot of restaurants are closed, especially on the islands or in smaller places.


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The ferries maybe affected at that time of year, but the weather should be relatively mild but wet.

Most of the flights from the UK to the islands don't start until early May - they run to this schedule for a reason! The weather means fewer want to travel. Islands off season are OK for a spot of relaxing, but can also feel dead and lacking in atmosphere. Crete maybe a better option as there is more history there.