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We Need to Have Something to be Optimistic About:

Many people who have booked travel to Greece and other countries have been greatly disappointed by their trips being canceled due to the virus. It's understandable but it is necessary to ensure the spread of the disease is limited.

The more we can do now to lessen the chance of spreading the disease the sooner it will be over.

So . . . it's time to start thinking of a future trip once the virus has been defeated.

Why don't we post videos, photos of even a special moment of our travels to Greece that will inspire us to be optimistic, hopeful and give us inspiration to travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Here's a link to food/tavernas I've been to in Greece. One of the best things about going to Greece is Greek Food!

One of my favorites videos on You Tube is this one where Greeks are dancing and enjoying life at one of the many festivals held on the island of Ikaria. Yamas!

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Thanks Tommy! Clips like this can put us in a positive frame of mind amidst the current chaos, and give us hope to look toward into the future of traveling again and exploring uncharted territories. Travel is our passion and we all dearly miss it.

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We have just today been notified of the cancellation of our RS Greece tour. We are a bit of a minority in the RS world, being from Canada and having to deal with the exchange rate between the US/Canada, there is not many of us , as our experience in 3 previous tours. BUT, we have met great people and that is why we returned to the Greece tour, so see new friends made on previous tours. The point —- look to the future, keep those new friends close, stay in touch and don’t stop planning. Take the refund, credit or otherwise (assuming travel funds are in place usually), and look ahead. Can’t wait for June, when the new tour dates start and I can dream..