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We need a bus from Athens to Nafplio, Sept 2 - 7 - can’t find any schedule. Is it running???

I can’t locate a bus schedule to purchase tickets from Athens to Nafplio.

Does anyone know if it’s running? Or, where I might search?

If no bus, does anyone have a driver recommendation? Or, is it difficult to drive in Greece?
We would be going from Athens and drive around the hills around Nafplio.

Thanks much.

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For bus timetables from Athens to Nafplion see the Ktel Argolida website:

That being said I would advise you to rent a car in order to be able to move around once in Nafplio.
The Athens → Nafplio route is mainly on the highway and is not a problem even if you are not used to driving in Greece.

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It is not difficult to drive in Greece. Pick up your car at the airport instead of the city of Athens. From the airport, it’s a major highway to the Peloponnese and then a good two lane road to Napflio. As someone said, you should really have a car to explore the area around Napflio. If you are staying in Napflio, check to see what the parking situation is for your hotel as you cannot drive into the old section of Napflio which is where you want to be staying.

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Thank you all.

It appears busses stop running toward the end of August.
I’m unable to find any offerings for September.

Car rental pricing isn’t bad. I’m a bit intimidated with the language barrier.
We’ve driven extensively throughout Europe. (English alphabet countries)

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I thought we would have a problem with the signage in Greece as we don’t speak that language or use that alphabet but it wasn’t difficult to figure out. Using a navigation app (either a Garmin or your phone) will ease your worries. We traveled in Greece pre navigation tech with a paper map and did just fine. We only asked for directions once in 2 weeks en route from Delphi to the Peloponnese.

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Busses to Nafplio do NOT stop -- this is a major destination for Greeks year-round. That link given by Jolui is simple; what was problem??? You did have to do 2 easy things -- click ROUTE. Then look for one that starts with ATHINA and ends with NAFPLIO. It shows schedules for every day. You take a taxi to Kifissou KTEL bus terminal from central Athens for about €14. The KTEL bus to Nafplio takes 2.5 hrs, costs €13-14. Modern, comfortable (upholstered) reserved seats, A/C, on-time departures. DIfficult to buy tix online, just get to station 30 mins ahead (earlier on Sats). If you want to drive around country roads, you could rent a car for the day in Nafplio... you might look online ahead of time if u are doing it on weekends -- in Sept NAfplio is a favorite weekend getaway for savvy Athenians.

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Buses run constantly from Athens to Nafplio throughout the day.

You should have been able to buy tickets on line but it's very easy to buy them at the bus station. Just get there ahead of time.

Driving in Greece is safe, the roads are good but paper maps, especially for the Peloponnese can be cumbersome and difficult to follow.

I used Google Maps for navigation in the Peloponnese and for the most part got me where I wanted to go.

You can rent a car once you get to Nafplio if you don't want to drive from Athens. As mentioned buses are clean, safe and comfortable.

Here's the best site for Nafplio as it covers everything you need to know and do.