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We are being charged for CDW in Greece even though we are declining it

Is this normal? They said we can decline CDW and use our credit card as primary CDW (we got a letter from the credit card company to carry with us and show the rental company) but the rate for the rental remains the same. They said the rates are part of a "package".
I realize the car rental company is still providing liability insurance.

Since the car rental rate is the same with or without the CDW, should we just go with the rental company's CDW? They do have a 600 Euros deductible, and it seems our credit card offers a zero deductible, so that's a reason to use our Chase VISA credit card CDW coverage.

Can someone please offer advice?

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Hi. There's no 'right' answer, and people will have different opinions. You don't say who the rental company is. I guess a factor might be - if you have damage, do you want to be dealing with the rental company contact (in Greece?) and a $600 deductible, or your cc company with a US contact and a zero deductible? If you decide to use the cc coverage, follow their rules carefully. Have a great trip!

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Here’s to hoping you don’t have any need to make a claim. Seems like I’ve read somewhere, maybe in the fine print of one of my cards that provides CDW, if you have coverage by the car rental company, the cc will not cover you. You don’t get to choose even if it seems you have coverage by both..They’ll deny and make you deal only with the car rental company. Unless perhaps you can document that you refused coverage by the rental company.

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I don't know what is specified in your credit card CDW insurance, but be aware that whatever the deductible of 0€ or 600€, the basic car rental companies CDW in Greece does not cover damage to wheels, tires, undercarriage, glass breaking, and vehicle interior.

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Thanks. We are are going with our credit card primary coverage and declining auto rental company CDW coverage, even though the rental price remains the same.

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In 2018, our 2 car rentals in Greece included CDW coverage at no charge. I don't remember if there was a deductible.

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CDW is included in car rentals in Europe. You will be offered the chance to purchase additional insurance to cover the excess amount, which is typically several hundred euros. Your existing insurance policy may cover this.