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Water filter needed?

Hello everyone,
My wife and I read a few fairly recent travel forums where people said you should bring along a water filter or filtration bottle for Greece. We are visiting Athens, Nafplio, Santorini and Naxos while there and want to know if this is legitimate.

Thank you.

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I had no problem with the tap water in Athens and Nafplio. Hydra was the only island I went to and the water there was fine

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Not sure about your particular destinations, but in Paros tap water cannot be drunk because of its marble content. I would check with your hotels and ask for each location.

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Most tap water is safe to drink.

I do buy bottled water which is very inexpensive for drinking.

I use tap water for showers and making coffee.

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Tap water is drinkable in all Greek islands (including Paros!)
Which doesn't mean it will taste good.

The main problem in the islands with water is not its quality but its availability, mainly in high season when the population is multiplied by 2 or more, as in Santorini

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Our tour guide said not to drink the water in Hydra. At breakfast, I accidentally did. The rest of the day Montezuma visited me. So…everyone is different. Also, that being said, a water bottle with a filter will make even good water taste better. I have been looking at products like Lifestraw for future travel…anywhere.

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I think taste is more an issue than safety. However, before I lugged along a filter, and all the needed replacement cartridges, I would just resort to buying a bottle of drinking water.

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Bottled water is cheap and is sold everywhere you plan to go. Don't bother with a water filter. You can use tap water for washing dishes, showers and brushing your teeth. Just don't drink it. Even the locals drink bottled water.