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Want to share my two weeks Greek itinerary

I went to Greece with a friends for two weeks in October, we took the idea from Rick Steves and want to tell you what I think.

Arrived in Athens, stay 3 nights.

Took the ferry to Mykonos for 2 nights.

Ferry back to Piraeus, immediately took another one to Hydra, stay 2 nights.

Took the ferry from Hydra to Ermioni, picked up a car from Pop's car rental, drove to Nafplio, stay 2 nights, visit Epidaurns on the way.

Drove to Monemvasia, visit Mycenae on the way, kind of, it took 3 hours, stay one night.

Drove to Kardamyli, another 3 hours, stay one night.

Drove to Olympia, 3 hours drive, stay one night.

Drove to Delphi, again 3 hours, stay one night.

Drove to Meteora, another 3 hours, stay one night.

Drove back to Athens airport, it took 4 hours, return the car, and fly out.

Athens pickpocket is so bad, I will suggest take the express bus X95 to the center, it's cheaper than metro, 6 euros vs 10 euros, it's 24 hours, every 15 to 20 minutes, and safer.

it's easy to take the metro to Piraeus, it's the last stop, and you will take the very early one, so feel safer from the pickpocket since it have less people.

The fast ferry terminal to Mykonos from Piraeus located almost across the metro station, and when you arrive Mykonos, you have many choices to the center, sea bus, shuttle bus, public bus, and only around 2 euros. Mykonos Airport is way further, only taxi to the town, plus the long way from Athens center to Athens Airport, you are not saving money and time by flights.

The tricky part about the connection from Mykonos to Hydra, my plan to do is take the fast ferry from Mykonos to Piraeus, then take the next one to Hydra, the only ones fit have only 45 min in between, when we went to an agent to buy the tickets, he strongly against it, he said the ferry from Mykonos always late, since we booked the hotels already, and taking a flights that late seen silly, so we took a chance to see, didn't buy the tickets, wait unit we arrive and see, the worst is stay a night in Piraeus.

The ferry arrive 5 mins late, we walk out at 5:20 pm, at terminal E9, start to run and look for the ferry, a nice guy asked where I want to go, and point it here, E8, the one next to E9, not though, still need to go out first, is the terminal, I go to one counter, not the right one, point it to further, still need to give them passport, pay for it, go to the ferry, sit down, and looked at the clock, 5:30 pm, still have 30 mins before depart.

I cannot for sure in Summer, or weekend, but it's a wonderful connection, save time and money.

The Pop's Car rental is super great and easy, the cheapest one, especially the one way drop fee is the lowest compare to others.

Driving in Greece is very easy, most of the time we are the only one in highway, yes you need to stop and pay totes, but with a car is the only way you can see all the places, and we booked all the hotels when we arrive the towns, using, find the one you like, don't book, go and take a look first, make sure you are satisfied, paid directly to the hotels, they may charge you less because that way they don't pay commission to websites,

I like my Itinerary except Kardamyli, it's a nice town, but not much to see and do, or not wroth 3 hours in and 3 hours out to see it, direct from Monemvasia to Olympia is also 3 hours, If I know before, I will drive from Monemvasia to Sparti, spend that night and also visit Mystras.

This is my second time to Greece, but first time for my friend, so I let him made most of the decision, last time I already went to Santorini and Crete, and this time I went before him and stay after him, so I add Rhode and Corfu by myself, which is also wonderful.

Give me some feed back

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jonkakit sounds like a wonderful trip, next time take me along! I'll let you drive, I'll sit with the map. You kept on the move, which can be great when the weather is good, not too hot. Some people (a lot of the people who sign up for tours) don't feel as comfortable doing what you did -- but for people with a sense of adventure, your report is very encouraging.

I remember on my first trip to Greece, I made no reservations except for the first & last nights, in Athens. I did have a list of places at each island or town that sounded good, so would check them out on arrival (it was 20 years ago, there was barely an internet then, and no Like you I traveled off-season, so there was no trouble finding something good. Later on, when I had people along, I couldn't take that chance... but the way you did it (and the way I did it back then) is the most fun! Thank you for sharing!

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Sounds like you had a wonderful time! We did something similar on our first trip with respect to the Peloponnese except we did not go beyond Kalamata and the sites in that area. One night in most towns for us is too little (although it was just fine for Monemvassia) we loved Kardamyli but there was the International Jazz Fest going on while we are there and we are hikers. (We did the gorge) As far as the mainland goes for our 2020 trip we are doing Meteora (3 n - doing some climbing) Delphi (1n) Galaxidi (2n) and Sounion (1n) this will be after visiting Milos-Sifnos-Páros.

As for your trip (and ours as well) many will say “too much driving” But - for us - the road trip is part of the experience. (We like mountain driving)

So- when is your next trip? :-)