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Walking Sticks and Advice

My husband and I are very excited for our Rick Steves tour to Greece! We are wondering if walking sticks are a good idea. We walk 3 miles several times a week in a hilly forest. We are hoping to walk to the Upper Town in Monemvasia and to the fortresses in Nafplio. We would rather not have to check our suitcases, but will if the sticks are helpful. We will be arriving 3 days before the tour begins. We are looking for suggestions for things to do and places for fun Greek food! We do have two guide books, and have some ideas, but are just wondering what others have done and enjoyed. Any special souvenirs we should look for? Thank you so much for your help!

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Do you use walking sticks now? if you have bent wheels or are unsteady, surely they would be helpful. For me, they are an unnecessary nuisance.

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Are you a retiree? What's your age range, in general? I've been going to Greece since '99, and was nearly 20 years younger then ... but even in 2002, I wished taht I had a trekking stick! Not for scaling heights, but because I did the Imbros Gorge in Greece and the rocks Underfoot going down were VERY challenging ... mostly the size of soccer balls, and keeping one's balance made the knees ache. On my last trip 2015, I took a 1-piece foldable lightweight walking stick in my checked bag and found it VERY useful in the scrubby, rocky trails my friends led me on, in Naxos, as well as Nafplio, where I have always stayed on Zigomata street, up above, looking down on town ... stairstep streets down to sea-level lanes. Have not done Monemvasia but I am SURE a stick will be welcome there.

As for suggestions: When are you going? What guide books do you have? What are YOUR interests? The more you share, the more response you'll get. Contributors get wary, when they spend time lining up ideas and scenarios (such as food tours, or visits to craft places) only to have the inquirers say thanks, but we don't care about food (or crafts). Example: one of my happiest unexpected finds in Athens was the Melina Mercouri Foundation, near the Roman forum --- a thrilling photorama exhibit of one of Greece's MOST famous and cherished actress/activists, and cultural treasure -- but for all I know, you may not even recognize her name. So tell more, please!

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I don't know the particular areas you name, but we have been taking hiking sticks on our Greece trips for years. You don't need them in the towns of course, but for more strenuous mountain hikes we have found them to be incredibly helpful.

Note that I am talking of hiking sticks/ trekking poles. I did a hike recently with a friend who used Nordic Walking sticks, and after a while she gave up and put those sticks away. Apparently they didn't do her any good for serious hiking.

Yeah, and most airlines don't appreciate the sharp points of hiking sticks in your carry-on luggage, so I guess you would have to check your suitcases. :-)

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Most of the monuments don't want you to use poles with pointed tips either. I did use one pole on my trip to Greece, in Athens, at the Acropolis. But I used protective tips similar to these. There are many brands and types.