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Viatour Tours

Does anyone have any info on viatour tours, especially in Greece. I've heard different things about them, some good, some not so good.

They offer some interesting tours, especially the 8 hour safari tour from Athens but I can't find any reviews other than the ones on Viatour's website which may or may not be reliable.

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Did you actually mean Viatour or did you mean the company Viator? (different spelling). Viator is a tour consolidator and they don't actually run the tours themselves. They resell tours from others all over the world. I've seen some complaints that people purchase thru Viator and then show up and don't have the reservations they were counting on but I've never booked anything with them.

IF you can figure out the actual company that offers the 8-hour safari tour from Athens I would book thru the company. To me it's always better to take away a middle-man if you can.

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I have used Viator multiple times to book 1/2 day & one day tours and they have all been excellent.

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I have also used Viator for several tours and been happy with it, but you have to do some research. I picked ones with good cancellation policies and made sure the prices were competitive. Sometimes, you can get a better deal through them.