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Using a transfer company from Athens airport

We are flying into Athens and have a hotel in the city center. I have reached out to George’s Taxi and Welcome Pickups.

The questionair asks how many people-checked bags, and how many carry on bags. Our checked suitcases are 22” carry on size, and we will have a backpack.

4 checked bags is $53. Thinking our backpacks can ride on our lap in the car.

If I say 4 checked and 4 carry on - it is over $100.
Is 4 checked bags the same as 4 HUGE WALLY WORLD BAGS in the eyes of Greek drivers?

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An airport-city center taxi costs €45 (official flat rate, luggage and tolls included).

The same taxi pre-booked with Welcome Pickups costs €49 (4 passengers and 4 luggage.).

Is 4 checked bags the same as 4 HUGE WALLY WORLD BAGS in the eyes of
Greek drivers?

No, only with George's taxi... If I were you I would avoid George if they charge you more than $100, and don't start your stay in Greece like that, (I mean with services like George's taxi) otherwise you will spend triple what you should have spent. :))

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Thank you for the reply. Just so I’m clear – does four checked bags and four backpacks total four pieces of luggage or eight. Both of those services went up to €100 and €90 with the backpacks added in. Sounds like they bring a car if you have four pieces, in a van if you have anything more than four pieces or more than four people.
Would four people, four suitcases, and four backpacks fit in a taxi? Thank you.

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In Greece the maximum number of passengers allowed in a taxi is 4. With 1 piece of luggage per passenger (standard checked baggage type).

But if you have extra luggage, cabin baggage size or equivalent (which would not fit under your seat on the plane) you will need to book an extra taxi or minivan and indeed the price will approach 100€.

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A great deal depends on size factors -- particularly, size of the 4 people, size of the backpacks, and the "real" size of 22" bags. The standard taxi/car service vehicle is a 4-door Mercedes. Some things from my experience.

If you are 4 females, all about 5-4"/5-6" and normal size (i.e. size 10-12-14), 3 can fit in back seat & one next to driver. If your backpacks are "day-pack" size (12 x 15" & 3-4" deep) and not insanely over-stuffed, you can hold them in your laps. The driver may quietly grumble but OK. Four 22" bags are a Challenge for the trunk even in a Mercedes -- it would be good if one was just a 20"... even that 2" matters -- and IF your bags have the 2-3" "expandable" top -- one might have to go against knees of back-seat folks.

IF any of you is ahem, an XL, and two of you are men over 5 8, and upl near 200 lbs... i dunno. If any of you has a 4-door sedan, like a honda, etc, why not do a "dry run' in yo ur driveway as a reality check.

And yes, do NOT use "george's taxi" way too much €€€ for endless promotion on certain websites. reasonable & reliable -- Welcome Pickups or City Cab (the latter is actually a car service that uses licensed taxis registered with them)