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UK to Rethymno on Aegean airlines

My husband and I are traveling from Heathrow to Rethymno in July. I have just noticed our connecting time in Athens is less than 1 hour. Is this going to be a problem? Do we go through customs in Athens or Rethymno? Is this is a problem why would Aegean allow us to book this ticket?

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Its a pretty short connection but Aegean does know what they are doing. It would be helpful if you flew with cabin bags. You can print your boarding passes 48 hours before flight time so you get your bags and do passport control which probably takes no more than 25 minutes. Walk out of arrivals and go up to departures and drop off your bags and clear security and get to the next gate. It will be tight but can be done. Anyway if you are on an Aegean ticket all the way they are responsible to get you on another flight.
You do know that the flight will go to Chania or Heraklion. Rethymnon has no airport. So you will have an hour transfer from either of these airports to Rethymnon. Hopefully you have book with this transfer included.

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It's fine, make sure you check-in through to Chania/ Heraklion at Heathrow, both for you & your cases. If the first flight is at all late, listen for the announcements as often a member of staff will meet you as you get off the flight & take you to the next. If it's Chania, look out for the 'onward flights' sign to save you going downstairs & back up again. I can't remember whether Heraklio has this.
Aegean is a great airline & they will deal with any problems.