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Uber in Athens?

Hi. I'm getting some conflicting info. Heading to Greece in two weeks. Does the Uber app work in Athens? In order to hail the Taxis? I know that the concept of uber (regular cars) is outlawed, but some folks are saying you can use the app for taxis. Can anyone confirm this? And would this be the best way to get a transport from the Piraeus Port to my hotel around 8:30pm?

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Yes, the Uber app works to call certain taxis, those using the Uber app.
But in Athens, whether you call a taxi via Uber or any other means, you will always have an official taxi (yellow car). And If you can't do without apps, know that FreeNow is an app that is much more used by taxis in Athens than Uber

If you disembark from a ferry at the port of Piraeus and insist on taking a taxi, you won't need to use Uber of FreeNow, there are dozens of taxis waiting for passengers, even at 8.30pm.

Depending on where you are going in Athens it will cost you around 25€

There is also the metro, but without knowing which island you are arriving from and with which ferry company (which determines which port Gate you are arriving at) and where your hotel is, I cannot tell you if it would be more advantageous.
The metro ticket costs 1.20€.
By metro you are in the city center in about 20 minutes

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We were in Athens for a week in April - and Uber worked great. We used it several times, including to and from the airport and the port, and we never waited more than ten minutes. The app worked just like in the United States.

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Thank you both so much for this info! It's very helpful.

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You can also use FreeNow, which is a popular app in many parts of europe. I've used it with great success to summon taxis.

It's a venture owned by BMW Group & Mercedes Benz Auto Group (aka it is legit)