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typical dress on an island in Greece

We'll be saying two weeks on the (smallish) island of Serifos, arriving June 14.
Questions: 1) How warm would you expect it to be? Is it a dry heat, or humid?
2) how would you expect local people to react to typical American sunwear - ie sleeveless, low necklines or cut away backs? (ie I'm highly sensitive and hate getting dark looks or lustful stares) ie Can I dress like I'm in Italy? or is the atmosphere more like Istanbul?

Thanks for your thoughts/perspectives!

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I think you would be fine in dressing for Italy….the Greek Islands can be conservative but they are used to tourists in all stages of undress. Sun will likely be fierce so have something you can slip on to cover arms and shoulders to protect from the sun - a loose linen blouse for example. A hat, sunscreen will be essential. If you visit churches a skirt is essential, no shorts! I find that skirts are cooler than pants or shorts when I am in a hot climate. Looks like a wonderful island to visit.

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I visited Serifos a few years ago. Loved it. I usually wear short skirts and often sleeveless tops and don't recall feeling at all out of place. Mid day it will be very hot.

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It’s the Greek Islands. People are on vacation. You’ll see many women topless. You don’t need to worry about being modest.

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We can't predict the weather in advance but in June it starts to get warm during the day. Between 75°F and 85°F ,
maybe more.
The meltem is starting to blow (you'll have to get used to it) and will reduce the feeling of heat during the day.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come from all over the world to the Greek islands every year. They are used to seeing all styles of clothing. even the most conservative older people don't pay attention to this sort of thing (or don't show it).

There are beaches more or less dedicated to nudists in practically all the islands.

For men, do not walk around in swimsuits or shirtless in towns, villages, shops (and obviously for women too)
or to enter restaurants or bars.

You will of course have to dress properly, cover your shoulders, do not wear a short skirt if you enter churches or monasteries

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Hey all, very helpful! thanks so much. Two questions based on your responses:
1) I will be entering churches. A few said "no short skirts" - does that mean anything above the knee or more just the mini-skirt kind of thing?
2) JoLui, you wrote: The meltem is starting to blow (you'll have to get used to it) and will reduce the feeling of heat during the day.
What does "meltem" mean? sea breeze?
I appreciate all your help, every single reply!

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The typical rule for churches is no bare shoulders and knees covered ( pants/dress have to cover the knees)