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Type of car in sept for Naxos for 6 days

Ok I am sure this should be easier then I am making it.

But googling pictures and trying to compare can’t really decide on these cars to rent.

Motorcar is offering:
Citroen 3 diesel for 315 euros

Fiat Tipo for 350 euros

Or sunny Naxos car rental a Kia stony for 300 euros

I am more interested in comfort for 4 of us. And of course luggage to and from airport

Can’t really tell which car would be most comfortable for touring the island.

Would love opinions of those that know these cars.


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I did not look but I suspect each of the rental companies has the "Or similar" wording, so you really need to select a size that will carry the 4 of you and however much luggage you have. What you end up with may not be what the example is.

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I don't know whether you should rent a car based on luggage space when you're only concerned with luggage til you get to your hotel .... and (unless you've rented a VRBO waay inland not close to anything) you won't be needing a car all the time anyway. Rent ahead of time a car that fits 4 people, for a day or 2 after u arrive... then taxi to/from the airport -- all the taxis are mercedes 4-doors.

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thanks guys.

@janet - we will have a vrbo close to town. the owner even mentioned that we could rent the car and then they would pay for a taxi for the luggage one way!.

also the rental car places said they can deliver the i guess we would taxi with luggage to the rental car place and get the car there.

Thinking more on this !

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If you are 4 in the car, be aware that the economic categories (A or B - from 1100cc to 1300cc) are really not powerful.

Naxos being a little mountainous, expect low speeds in the ascents (which is great to enjoy the landscape !)