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Two weeks in Greece - or should we make it one in Greece and one in Croatia?

Good morning! I know this is probably a hated "generalized" question, but I'm in uncharted territory. Yesterday at Thanksgiving, we decided to take a two week vacation to Greece this summer. We are intrigued by Croatia as well, and thought about splitting up the trip to spend one week in each. If need be, we could maybe make it 9 days in each. Our family has traveled across a lot of Europe, but we know nothing of this corner I usually spend at least 12-18 months planning a trip, and the fact that we are going in 7 months is nerve wracking!

For those of you who are experts in this area - is it better for our first time to focus on just Greece? If so, what do you recommend as a base for our travels? There will be 6 of us, ranging from 17 to 70 (a very active, healthy 70 year old). We enjoy historical sites (but not necessarily museums) as well as scenic locations. We will most likely rent a place on airbnb or vrbo versus going the hotel route since there are so many of us.

We will be traveling in July. This is the only non-negotiable of the trip because it is in conjunction with a theatre course my daughter is taking. Thanks for any insight! I really appreciate it!

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Hi Carrie-we're anticipating a 2-week trip to Greece in April (even less time for planning!), and will, unfortunately, have to leave a lot of the country off of our agenda, with just 2 weeks. On a trip many years ago, we combined visits in Croatia with Slovenia and also Venice, Italy (picking up our rental car in Venice), which seemed to be a pretty efficient use of space and time.

Whether Greece or Croatia, are you planning on islands, more islands, and still more islands, or seeing "mainland" Greece/Croatia and/or the Peloponnese peninsula? We haven't finalized our itinerary for our 2 weeks, but we're probably going to be on the move lots of the time, only staying a night or two in any one place. We won't get to the Greek islands to the far south or east on this trip. We're figuring on saving Athens for the last part of the two weeks.

If you wanted just a single base, if not Athens, then perhaps either Olympia or Delphi? Happy planning - and hope you daughter enjoys her theater course.

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There is so much to see in Greece, two weeks doesn't begin to do it justice. But if for some reason you think you can see Athens and north(Delphi for one), the Peloponnese, and a few islands in a week, then add Crete. Also, considering the heat in July will likely slow at least some of your group down, and you are likely to have different interests with the age difference, just do some of Greece. IMO obviously.

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Greece is a time-consuming country to visit. The islands require either ferries or trekking out to an airport (buy tickets way in advance to save money, if possible), and there is limited, not very fast, rail service. Ground transportation to Croatia is not something you would want to attempt, so that would be yet another flight. I'd definitely stick to one country for this trip.

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If you have not already done so, look at the RS 14 day Greece itinerary for inspiration as to what you might like. Add or subtract days at the various locations to suit your interests.

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That's a great idea! I had a feeling that it would be best to spend the entire time in Greece, but it's always so tempting to try to add "more." Thanks for the input!

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Another reason to stick to Greece is that there are very few transport options between Greece and Croatia. Basically, a Agean/Olympic Airlines flight from Athens to Dubrovnik or Zagreb is the only way.

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We spent a week in Greece in 2010, and another 3.5 weeks this past May. There are so many varied attractions, I feel that even in that time we just scratched the surface. Stick with Greece only.

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Absolutely spend the whole time in Greece. Right after my husband and I did the RS Greece tour my MIL went with some friends sort of last minute (at least for her) to Greece. They drove and really said that it was fine. If you decide to include islands in addition to the mainland end in Athens, where you could easily fill 2 days very full. Otherwise on the mainland I would try and get to Meteora, Delphi, the Mani Peninsula, Nafplio - Mycenae, and the coast/coast/coast. It is sooooo beautiful! And the food, delicious!!