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Two days in Greece. Need best swimming, snorkling, most beautiful beach found

Would like to make the absolute most of those two days. We love the beach, preferably sandy, quiet, beautiful, good food and place to stay while we swim, snorkel and maybe scuba dive with a boat ride thrown in. We are in seventies but active Please help us make it the best ever.

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If you want decent advice you must supply key info, especially when your time is SO limited! WHEN are you planning to be in Greece? (Advice will differ markedly if it's May-June or July-August), WHERE are u coming from (off a 20-hour flight from N. America or a 2 hour flight from Italy, or off a cruise??), WHERE do you arrive (Airport? Seaport?) TIME of DAY? (yes! it matters! for connection to a ferry or domestic flight to/back). Frankly, in high summer, with just 2 days, "quiet" won't be possible, and maybe not even an island meeting your needs. You may have to go down the coast from Athens to a beach far enough away to be less crowded. It's important to realize that transport eats up precious time (unless you have a Magic Carpet on hand). Tell more & maybe we can help.

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Actually we will be in Athens Greece for the entire week before the two free days. It will be a Monday and Tuesday that we have free to wander the beaches. I think after a week we are going to want to get some peace and quiet right on the sandy beaches if possible. I picture a smaller town with shops and good seafood with casual life style, available to swimming, snorkeling, scuba and maybe a short boat ride to nearby island. We would be happy with moderate hotel but close to beach if possible. I grew up in Southern California 50 years ago and I have lived in desert for 35 years, I would love to just have two days back where I love it the most.

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And is there a reason (business, etc.) that you are planning an entire week in Athens? Given your love of sandy beaches, it might be better to cut Athens down to 3 nights.

It's easy to find quiet beautiful beaches, good food and swimming (in the summer) in Greece. But keep in mind that Greece is not like the Caribbean, with good snorkeling and diving easily available. There are a few diving spots. I'd suggest you look these over, and do some research on your own. Then decide which appeals to you most, and make your plans around that location.

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We stayed at a hotel in Glyfida, a suburb of Athens, when we attended a conference. There is a very nice beach, a large marina, lots of restaurants and a town with many shops, etc. Our hotel was the Palmyra, which may or may not still exist. I haven't checked.