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Two 19 year old girls, where should we go in Greece?


Me and a friend are planning to go to Greece for 6 days we are travelling alone (as girls) and want to know what the best island is that has night light, beaches, restaurants, and historical land marks.

Our top choices are:

Naxos, Paros, Corfu, Crete

please let us know what Island and where on the island.

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I'm afraid the average demographic on this forum means that you're unlikely to receive much advice on the the best island for two 19 year olds interested in nightlife.

That being said I would suggest that Corfu would be your best bet. It is the most popular Greek island for young Europeans wanting to party.

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I would go for Corfu or Crete purely because they are easier to get to and you have limited time. Either would have a lot to offer.

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Perhaps you could give us some more information. Stuff like how you are you getting to Greece, when are you planning to travel. Does your 6 days include your arrival date and departure date. If so that means realistically you only have 4 full days, What kind of budget do you have for travel to and from your island and for accommodation. Are you looking for hostels, or top end hotels.

Are you planning to fly to your island from Athens or are you planning a ferry hop?
Without knowing this kind of detail we really cannot give good advice.

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Forgive me for being a broken record. My replies here often include this phrase.

The best Greek Island is the one that you are on.

You can have a blast on any of those. Go to the one that is easiest to get to.

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Take a look at Ios, known as a party island, if that is what you’re looking for. Also look at Corfu.

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I know that youth from my country like to go to Chersonissos, Crete. More like a US spring break vibe I’ve heard.
I did like Corfu as a 19 year old but that was 40 years ago LOL.

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I would check Ios and Naousa (in Paros) for nightlightlife and Mykonos+Delos for nightlife and history. I would choose max 2 islands and I would try to fit one full day in Athens that will full cover you from a sightseeing perspective and historical context.

Take care and drink wisely! Avoid free shots on any club (especially in Ios clubs) and prefer beers that they open in front of you. Alcohol is nor regulated in Greece, you can literally buy a bottle of gin or vodka anywhere from a mini market to a kiosk. Mini markets are cheap to buy liquor.

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6 days are not enough. Assuming you arrive by airplane in Athens you need at least 1 day to get to the island and another one to get back again. At best it'll be like a long weekend. Better stay in Athens and try to stay longer. Many of the Greek islands are party islands in the summer. Chersonissos on Crete, Corfu, Kos, Mykonos and Rhodes come to mind.