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Trying to get from Nafplio to Ermioni (Ferry to Hydra) on a Sunday

We will be traveling on a Sunday from Nafplio to Emioni to Hydra Island. The Sunday bus in the winter is Nafplio to Kranidi 17:30. Ferry is at 13:40 on Sunday . Obviously we would miss the ferry.

Or we could do this option. What I want to know is if I am reading the bus schedule correctly it is very confusing? I think this is a work around for getting to the port to get the ferry to Hydra on Sunday winter schedule. Not sure if this is a fool proof schedule to get us there on time? Do not have a lot of confidence in the buses in Greece.

Nafplio to Isthmos (1 :45 min) 8-9:45
Isthmos to Kranidi (2 hrs 15 min) 10:25 to 12:40
Kranidi Taxi to Ermioni (10-15 minutes) 13:00
Ferry is at 13:40 on Sunday

Or we could take the Nafplio to Krandidi bus at 17:30 and stay over night in Ermioni and miss a night in Hydra. We had planned a 3 night (vacation from our vacation) and get the 11:40 ferry Monday to Hydra. Ermioni seems like a cute town on the water but hate to lose a night on Hydra.

Or we can take a 65-80 euro taxi to the port from Nafplio. Not really in the budget

Or we could take a 8 am bus back to Athens (2 hrs 10 minutes), metro to the port, and take an Ferry to Hydra at 1pm (2 hrs).
What are your thoughts?
Thanks in Advance

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I’ve done this trip coming the other way, Ermioni to Nafplio, and we simply changed at Argos. This was a while ago, so I can’t be certain, but I imagine any bus from Isthmus to Kranidi will pass through Argos and you will be able to pick it up there.

It’s certainly worth asking about this in the bus station at Nafplio before setting off on your Nafplio - Isthmus - Kranidi suggestion. This looks to me as if you will just be retracing your steps.

When are you going? I’ll be in Ermioni in late March and may be able to find out more.


PS there’s no reason to be wary of Greek buses. The service is really reliable.

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I also did Hydra to Nafplio, but in May and not on a Sunday. The trip took an entire afternoon (probably a good 5 hours), in part due to a long layover for the bus in Kranidi. The bus station in Kranidi is in a hotel that's seen better days, but it was safe. I believe the taxi ride from Ermioni to Kranidi cost 15 euro, so 65-80 euro from Nafplio to Ermioni sounds like a good deal and would save a lot of travel time. If a bus connection in Argos doesn't work out, I would consider the taxi option despite the over-budget price.