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Trouble booking a bus from Chania-Heraklion

It looked like there were frequent KTEL bus departures (multiple per day) but I'm unable to find any to reserve online at for June 18. Is there a trick? Are not all routes available to book online? Is it sold out? :-( How can two people get from Chania to Heraklion affordably on that day?


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I took the bus from Heraklion to Chania, in October 2018. I might have just bought the tickets at the last minute. Greece is one of the countries where is might actually be more difficult or impossible to buy bus tickets in advance. Just show up at the bus station more than an hour before the bus leaves, go to a ticket counter, and say "Chania" but pronounce it right. Write the time on a piece of paper or figure out how to pronounce it.

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We bought tickets at the bus station in chania a couple of days before our trip. I would just do that. I didn’t even try to buy online.

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I agree with others that it is easy enough to buy on the day. It looks to me though as if the tickets for that date just aren’t available online yet. I can see tickets for any day of the week before but none for dates afterwards. I’d look again in a few days if you want to book.