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Travelling to Greece Solo

I am considering going to Greece for about 10 days late July early August. I do not drive and want to find a place that is safe as a woman travelling solo. The only necessities I require is close to a beach, grocery store and possibly close to some shopping and restaurants.

Any recommendations for locations and places/rooms to rent would be ideal.

This is basically a relaxing trip before starting a new job in September.

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You might want to look at Chora in Andros. Andros is the most northern of the Cycladic islands and you can get there via the port of Rafina which is a half hour bus ride from the airport.

We visit often and have written up our view of it

It's a quiet little town on a headland with mainly Greek visitors. Two beaches, one of which has a road and a few cafes behind and the other of which is completely undeveloped. Good walking and a handful of nice eating places.

We always stay at Karaoulanis rooms run by a nice Greek / French family. (Full disclosure, we've become quite friendly with Yannis and Caroline.)

There are other options down by the beach if you don't fancy these.

Andros certainly fits the bill as quiet and relaxing and it isn't the kind of place you are going to get any hassle as a single woman. It's very local and family oriented.


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You will be safe just about anywhere you go in Greece . . . even as a solo woman traveler. The last two years my wife could not get away for our trips to Greece so I went by myself. Granted I'm a man but I always see solo women travelers on the beach, tavernas, shopping, etc. and never did I see anyone accost them, bother them let alone commit any violent crimes against them. Greece is one of the safest countries in Europe regardless of the current economic situation. Bear in mind that July-August is "High Season" for tourism in Greece so most anywhere you go will find lots of other tourists. Having said that some of the less touristy areas, especially Aegean Islands would be Sifnos, Milos, Naxos, Amorgos & Astypalea. They haven't been as adversely affected by tourism as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes and other top destinations. As a traveler to Greece I seek out the more traditional and "real" Greek areas to visit rather than the "Disneyland" Greek Islands. Check out Matt's Greek Guide for one of the best websites on travel to Greece.

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Your previous posts indicate that you have already traveled alone in Italy. Greece will be no different. If you want a quieter island, choose one that you've never (or barely) heard of before.