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Travelling to crete

Hey, me and my family are off to Crete for a week a little later in the month. I was wondering if there was anything to be doing over there, is there any tours or trips that are decent? Are there any nice sights?

Rarely get out on holiday so I was unsure how to go about planning day trips, we were thinking of fishing a bit and going to some destinations like the gorge but I hear that there are always hidden locations in places that are really nice. So I thought I'd ask.


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I would recommend the gorge hike if you can find a convenient time - we did not do it, and I still wish that we did! It is a full day hike and the scenery is supposed to be breathtaking.

We stayed in Heraklion, and did a bus trip to Agios Nikolaos - cute little town and a nice break from Heraklion. We also rented a car and drove to Preveli Beach. If my memory serves right, it took just over an hour to get there. The drive there was through a gorge and quite breathtaking, and driving back to Heraklion we took a different route and drove through some beautiful small towns. The Beach itself requires a bit of a walk down some steep steps but is quite beautiful, and has some interesting WWII history attached to it, if that is of interest to you. Enjoy!

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Huge options on what to do on Crete, Greece's largest islands. Too many things to recommend. I would suggest doing more research on your own by checking out good guide books like Greek Island Hopping, The Blue Guide to the Aegean Islands and Matt's Greek Guide, especially Crete:

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I'm in the early stages of planning as well. If you search 'crete itinerary' on this forum you'll get examples of other's plans.

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I always scratch my head when people mention "the gorge" -- there are MANY gorges in Crete, and just because Samaria Gorge is the longest, and is tirelessly promoted, it may not be the best choice for everyone. This is High Season... when there will be looong lines filing down that Gorge path (do you really want to look at another person's back for 6-7 hours?), it will be HOT ... and for many people, the stress on calf and hamstring means you can't do much at all the next day. There's another choice -- IMBROS Gorge -- that has similar dramatic narrow places and stunning views, but is shorter, about 4 hrs vs 7, and ALSO less ballyhooed, thus less crowded. There are day excursions set up for each one, and I suggest you use them, because it takes care of the transportation at either end.

It is hard to advise other day-trips when you only specify "Crete," not a location. Crete is 260 KM, east to West... it's a whole country. What would you say if I said, going for a week to England; what day trips are there? Give us specifics of where you are staying, and info that will enable us to help you (will you have a car, does "family" mean 3 people or 6, any pre-school kids, etc).

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Crete is a large island with a lot to do. Google is your best friend when pre-planning. Put in the name of the town/city where you are staying and you will get all sorts of information on of things to do and places to visit. Get a good guide book, I recommend The Rough Guide to Crete and see what interests you. your hotel will also be a good resource.

It will be hot, in the +30C range (95F and up) and the sun is fierce.

I always leave Crete wanting's addictive.

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Heraklion is a big , noisy city. Other than the Archeological museum and the Minoan Palace, it's not nearly as interesting, relaxing, or pretty as Chania or Retymno.

Also, I don't know how you plan to get to Crete, but the ferry from Pireaus to Chania, with a cabin, was very pleasant, and freed up a day in Crete by travelling all night.

Good Luck, and enjoy!

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You are so lucky! Crete is one of the most beautiful islands, one would need at least 7 days for each district (Chania, Iraklion etc). I thought I'd leave some info on what to do for the ones reading this now...

In Crete, history, myth and culture walk hand in hand. There are many archaeological sites, historical monuments and significant museums to explore like :
1. Knossos
2. Phaistos
3. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
4. Archaeological site of Gortyn
5. Ancient Eleftherna
6. The archaeological site of Agia Triada

Top beaches to visit in Crete:
1. Balos
2. Falassarna
3. Vai
4. Preveli
5. Elafonissi
6. Matala
7. Gaidouronissi

Extra tips:
1. Go see the town and the fortress in Heraclion
2. Check out the mosque in Chania
3. Try the amazing local food
4. Take pics at the landmark building on Chalidon Street in Chania
5. Get to villages like:
Anogia, Sfakia, Loutro, Spili, Platanes, Archanes, Sissi, Paleochora, Episkopi, Agia Pelagia

If I had to choose where to stay, it would definitely be somewhere in Chania!