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Traveling to Greece

My daughter and I want to take a quick trip to Greece for a 4 day weekend. She lives in Germany so we will be flying out of Frantfurt. I think we are looking at the 1st weekend in June. Since it is such a short trip, where would be the best for that time period. I have been reading a lot about Naxos and wondered if that was the best option. Can anyone suggest what we should do? Thanks

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It depends a lot on
a) whether you mean four days including the days you are flying there and back or four whole days there
b) whether you want to visit Athens or an island

If you are really short of time and don't mind missing Athens then you might like to consider Andros. You can get there from the port of Rafina without going into Athens and it is a very nice island. We've written up some bits and bobs about our visits, and put up some photos, which will give you an idea if it is your sort of place

If you've only really got two whole days then you might consider staying in Athens and visiting the sites, which would certainly not be a hardship!

I'll be in Greece myself that weekend, so let's hope for good weather!



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The problem with Naxos is it is serviced by small 30 passenger Dash 8 turboprop aircraft. At this late date you will probably have difficulty finding two seats on any flights. I was going to check Aegeans web site but I would just be guessing as to the actual dates you are planning so I will leave that up to you.

Why not spend your time in Athens. Chances are you will have to fly there from Frankfurt. Athens will give you lots to see over 4 days.

A second possibility would be to rent a car or take the bus to Nafplio. It is two hours from Athens. It feels like an island town because it is perched beside the sea. It has a lovely old town, waterfront promenade and two Venetian era fortresses. It is a weekend get away destination for Greeks which speaks highly of its desirability.
Nafplio and Peloponnese

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Thanks for both of the replies. We will have 3 full days to spend in Greece so 5 total with travel. My daughter says we will fly with Ryan Air as the flights are so cheap. They only fly into Corfu, Chania, Kos and Thessaloniki. So now thinking we will go to one of those areas. Any suggestions about those places? Our dates are June 1 to June 5.

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Not Thessaloniki. I'd definitely choose one of the others. Corfu is pretty and green. Crete (Chania is one of its major cities) is drier and dramatic; it's also very large. I haven't been to Kos so cannot comment. But check on flight availability before getting your heart set on any one specific destination.

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With just three full days I would try to find a flight to Athens and spend your time there. You will find plenty of things to do, see and experience right in Athens. Even three days is not enough but it will give you an idea of what Athens is all about. There is only a small part of Athens you will want to visit but it can take time let it all soak in. There are the touristy sites and the non-touristy sites. Aegean Airlines is an excellent company that you should be able to get a good flight and be able to enjoy your three days in Athens.

Go to the Aegean Airlines website and enter your dates of travel and you may find a really good deal and better times than Raynair. Aegean Airlines is rated one of the best in Europe!

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If you can fly direct to Chania do it. It is even prettier than Nafplio and was going to be my first recommendation but I couldn't find any direct flights so I suggest alternatives.
While Chania is a working class Greek city it showpiece is its Venetian era harbour and old town full of back alleys. With three days you will have just enough time to explore it all.
Here is what Chania is like.
Chania 2015

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I would agree with Chania, great port town, good seafood, charming city center, and you can either find a good beach or head to the mountains to hike a gorge. I would hate to say it is the typical Greek experience, only because Crete has it's own culture, but your key will be eliminating travel time. A direct flight is key to your weekend.