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Traveling to Greece

Hello I'm traveling to Greece with me and my daughter who is African American, is it safe for us to visit and are there any blacks living in Greece

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Diana - There are plenty of African migrant workers living in Greece so it is safe. Most live in the Patissia and Kypseli area in Athens. Greek people are generally friendly. In conclusion, you don't have to be stressed regarding race issues there.

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There is unfortunately some racism against Africans. By that I mean immigrants from Africa. I have not met any black Greeks who were not recent immigrants. Not to say there aren’t any, just not very many.

African Americans seem to be seen as tourists so are treated like other Americans - the racism doesn’t translate to tourists, only to immigrants. Basically my African American friends say that their American tourist identity is what the Europeans judge by, not their race. As a white person I can’t speak fully to the issue, but I don’t sense any big problems for tourists. An individual racist being discriminatory may happen, unfortunately like anywhere else, but I have heard of no safety or widespread problems.

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Hi. I really don't see a reason for you to worry. Each year Greece has around 30 million visitors, and the numbers are growing. Since the country depends on tourism, they can't afford to lose tourists because of racial discrimination. We go to Greece every summer, and we see people from everywhere around the world. Also, there are many African Americans that cruise the Mediterranean and get off in Greece. I have never heard about an issue of such kind.