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Traveling to Crete with a walnut allergy

One of the members of our group has a walnut allergy — and I think that walnuts feature in Greek cuisine. None of us speak Greek. Any advice on how to handle this? We will have allergy shot/pens on hand, and the allergy has never turned severe, but the way doctors talk, you never know how severe your next reaction will be. I do know someone — an acquaintance — who is Greek, and I was considering having her write a note for us to present at restaurants. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’m not sure how ubiquitous walnuts are in Cretan cuisine.

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I don't know about their ubiquity but my first thought was a note like you mention. I would definitely do that, and maybe learn a sentence in Greek saying the same thing (maybe have the friend write it out phonetically for you... maybe even make a voice recording on your phone for multiple sources in case on gets lost)
good luck

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Print this on a card you can show in a restaurant: Είμαι αλλεργικός στα καρύδια

Phonetic pronunciation: Eímai allergikós sta karýdia

Translation: I am allergic to walnuts

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Walnuts grow in Crete & so are used a lot, but they are not usually 'hidden', except in cake.

So, if you take your sign, like above, you should be OK. Sometimes walnuts are found on/in a mixed, or house, salad (never in Horiatiki/ 'Greek salad'). In sweet things like Baklava, Kadaiifi etc, & cake. Sold often with yoghurt & honey. But I can't think I have every seen them in anything cooked, in a sauce or anything like that. ie you will know if they are there!. You might like, if you are extra cautious people, to check where the Health Centre or hospitals are near to where you are staying. That's where you would go if you need emergency treatment, but in that case just ask any Cretan person nearby & they will help you.