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Travel with young children

Any suggestions on where in Europe to travel with an 8 year old and 4 1/2 year old? ( and yes, I’m probably out of my mind for even thinking of doing this!)

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What time of year are you thinking? What is it that you have in mind in terms of activities?

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My adult daughters started traveling with us about that age, beyond our requisite domestic flights to visit grandparents. How do they respond to/cope/adapt when you take trips, now? I certainly wouldn't suggest Europe be your first adventure if they haven't had "practice"!
Their travels with us when young prepared them to be independent and savvy later adventurers and see new places in high school and beyond, as well as the immeasurable educational benefits and a broader world- view.
Our best success was always planning trips around their current interests. Castles? Our first trip was a circular drive in England and also seeing the Lakes District for Beatrice Potter. Etc. Staying in one place and making day trips is less stressful than keeping them constantly on the go. There are a lot more options for that now.
Lastly, let them help plan, and read and watch movies to prepare. The more prior knowledge they have the more they will enjoy what they see.

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Both children enjoy the water so accommodations with a pool is a must. Both enjoy camping activities so walking/hiking should not be a problem. Boating or ferrying to islands would be ok. ( Santorini, Mykonos)

( although a cruise is not a consideration). I have considered biking in Amsterdam but not sure what other activities are available for their age group in Amsterdam.