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Travel to Greece and Turkey during August-September

Are Greece and Turkey safe for travel during August -29 to September-12 , 2015?I am asking this question because of Greece financial crisis and Euro exist news now days and For Turkey I have heard about possible terrorist threat.We are planning to visit below places in Greece and Turkey.
Greece : Athens ,mykonos ,Santorini
Turkey : Istanbul , Cappadocia , bodrum

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Your best source to answer such questions is the state dept for travel advisories, the website is informative.

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Yes, they're safe. Go and enjoy yourselves.

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I have read online article about possibly ISIS threat. Since Turkey is neighbour country of syria.

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Hopefully you are aware of the financial crisis in Greece and the problems with getting euros.
If you haven't, see the other discussion threads on this forum about the Greek financial crisis and how it is affecting people planning to travel to Greece.

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If I know what was going to happen in Greece in late August or early September, I would certainly be betting on certain stocks certain ways. I doubt that any regular contributor to this web site has such information 55 days ahead of time. Keep watching the news. You did not say if you had purchased travel arrangements yet. If you have not, you might want to consider taking out some travel insurance and include a "cancel for any reason" option, although they are expensive. I know that the travel insurance I take out every year does not include coverage for things like civil unrest, strikes, bank failures, etc. and I do not include cancel of any reason option.
If I were considering going to Greece now during what is most likely their hottest time of year, I would include that type of insurance.
I certainly enjoyed my stay in Greece last year.