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Travel over Greek Orthodox Easter

We are planning now for a spring vacation to Greece. We hope to go at a time when it is shoulder season...or at least less congestion if possible. Looking at the April 2022, but their Easter is the last Sunday of the month. From past experience, can you give me advise as to going to Greece a couple days after Easter?? Would it be better to go in May?
Thank you!

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Where in Greece? It actually makes a tremendous difference. I was in the Peloponnese in late May in 2019, and we had places practically to ourselves.

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I think as long as you are arriving at least 2 days after Greek Easter things will pretty much have returned to "normal". Greek Easter weekend is the busiest time for travel within Greece, with lots of people traveling back to their ancestral villages to celebrate, meaning they will need a day or two afterwards to get back home. But to be on the safe side, make sure all your plane, ferry, hotel and car rental reservations are confirmed and confirmed again to make sure you aren't lost in the shuffle. That said, mid-late May is a much better time to go to Greece. More will be open and the weather will be warmer and more stable.

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Travelling just after Easter shouldn’t be a problem. As other people have said you’ll be travelling in the opposite direction from most people, who’ll be returning to Athens.

Be aware though that the May Day weekend is also a holiday in Greece and, with it being so close to Easter, a lot of people will decide to ‘make the bridge’: to take holiday between the two holiday weekends. This means hotels are likely to be busy between Easter and May Day.

Not a problem if you’ve booked In advance but something to be aware off. Boats from the islands to Athens are likely to be busy just after May Day.

This all, of course, assumes that things are post Covid by then and following a normal pattern. Fingers crossed!