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Travel from Naxos or Paros back to mainland and on to Delphi. Too much in one day?

As I look at ferry schedules 5 hours?! and a 2 1/2 hour minimum drive to Delphi, is it unrealistic to do this in a day? We would need to rent a car - can that be done from the harbor? Or do we need to get back into town or airport. Or would it be best to fly and get the car at the airport?

Our time is not tight, I still have an extra day or two to play with within our overall itinerary. We could break this up with another night somewhere in between.

Briefly based on earlier feed back our itinerary is as follows. We start May 1st.

Fly directly into Santorini 3 nights
Naxos 4 nights
Paros or other island 2 nights? Or a stop in between Naxos and Delphi and add a night to Naxos?
Delphi 2 nights
Olympia and south west coast (based on Janet) 2 nights
Nafplio 4 nights
Hydra 2 nights
Athens 4 nights

Thank you.

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I would look into flying from Naxos and then renting a car at the airport. We did that and then drove to nafplio which is about the same distance. It was not a problem. We got there in late afternoon.

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Or would it be best to fly and get the car at the airport?

With airfare around 30 euro, flying from either Naxos or Paros seems to be an easy choice to make

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Air fare @ 30 Euros?? That must be for December! I've re-read Andrea's message and she does not mention ANY date.. if it's May onward i fear she'll need to pay 2x that or more. If she "subscribes to Aegean's Newsletter" (actually just an e-mail alert), she can see if promotional prices appear for her dates --

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Air fare @ 30 Euros?? That must be for December

Actually I picked May 8 ( random) as OP in a separate post indicates her trip is in May, looked on and found that fare which can be bought on the airline's site ( Olympic/Aegean)

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Yes, what a difference a month makes! For myself, looking at a June 8 flight & Aegean is charging €80 or so... alas.

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I just checked for my date and it is 30 EU - and the time is so convenient. May 10th.