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Travel agent in Greece especially for Athens

We are going in early November and want to book accommodation and some tours. Sally

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Both Fantasy Travel and Dolphin-Hellas Travel are in Athens. Both companies are very reliable and both are able to book tours, hotels, ferries, planes, and anything else you might need. Both are fully fluent in English. It's good to use a travel agency in Greece. In case anything goes wrong they're just a phone call away.

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We used Fantasy Travel in 2008. They had scheduled a pickup from the airport for us. When our flight was delayed, my husband called Fantasy Travel and they already knew about the delay and had adjusted the pickup accordingly. We also loved the hotel they booked for us in Santorini. I think using a reliable local travel agency makes lots more sense than a US one-I feel like the vendors will be more interested in pleasing the local agency and the time difference won't be an issue if there are problems that need to be resolved. We haven't used a travel agency in the US since the last millennium, but also used a local agency in Turkey.

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I agree that Fantasy Travel and Dolphin-Hellas each can give you a good experience. You'll be happiest if you do a little homework yourself, and have an idea of what things you want to see .... and also be realistic about what can be covered in a given lenght of time. If you have 2 weeks, you can manage 2 islands, time in Athens, and another 2-3 days on the Mainland... and you should realize that many islands will have a "closed-down" feeling by November, when making your choices.

If you'd like to see some of the famous historic (iliad-Odyssey) ruins and also the Most beautiful Old Town in all of Greece, you should make time for NAFPLIO ... and the famous nearby sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus in the Argolid (area), just across the corinth canal, about 2.5 hours from Athens. There are many 1-day tours advertised, but please don't fall for them -- it's like you're in The Amazing Race, you rush rush rush, off the bus, back on everything's a blur. There is ONE tour that I always recommend, because it's a 2-day, and it gives you an abundance of FREE time to enjoy the beauty and historical interest of Nafplio -- PLUS the convenience of being taken to Mycenae & Epidaurus and shown thru by a knowledgeable llicensed guide. This tour is However (sob) I see on reading that it only goes to Oct. 30. There's a challenge for Fantasy or Dolphin-Hellas!! Read this descrpt and tell them u want a 2-day tour like this & see what they find! Perhaps they can find you lodgings in Nafplio and a local guide/driver to take you around. Do NOT let them sell you on a tour that says "a brief stop in Nafplio"... that means quickie lunch & bathroom break... better not to go there at all.

To further show what a great choice Nafplio is, here's a FAB and NONcommercial website created by a Scandinavian ex-pat. Read ALL her links - tells ALL about this area -- especially about local walks ---here's the shortest, and most memorable: and here's a photo album just to showcase the drama of Nafplio buildings and the Argolid area landscapes -- Nafplio is a specially good choice in November because it's vibrant year-round, because the New Town next to it is a large permanent population and also it's a favorite "2 day getaway" for Athenians.

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We used Fantasy Travel, in April, for our three nights on Santorini. They met us at our hotel in Athens, transferred us to the airport and even walked with us to check-in to make sure everything went smoothly. On arrival in Santorini they met us at the airport and transferred us to the hotel. After our trip they came to the hotel, picked us up and transferred us back to the airport. The service was top rate! I highly recommend them!

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I've also used Fantasy Travel and would highly recommend them. They provided exceptional service!