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Travel advisory

Given the recent travel advisory is it still completely safe and a good idea to visit Greece, we were going in early May? Maybe I am a bit ignorant having not traveled too much, but it makes me a little nervous...

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We're scheduled on the Athens and the Heart of Greece tour scheduled for June22. Having been through protesters in a foreign country (during the Gulf War), we feel fairly confident in our ability to handle any civil unrest we witness (within reason, of course). The only real precaution we're taking is to make sure we land we plenty of cash, given the somewhat higher than normal odds some ATMs might be shut down. Most of the trip is paid for, and we'll pay by card when we can. I'm not worried enough that it's dampening my anticipation and excitement about the upcoming trip!

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Where did you see these "travel advisories"? I checked government travel advisories, and there's nothing currently listed for Greece other than the usual warnings about pickpockets, etc.

I was in Greece in 2010 when there were quite a few large demonstrations, including one in which there were fatalities. I didn't see any demonstrations in Athens and only a small one in Nafplio which was of no concern.

If you're interested in visiting Greece, book a trip. If you'd prefer a more structured and "safe" travel environment, book a RS Greece tour.

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I didn't see any travel advisories for Greece. We have been going to Athens and other parts of Greece every year since 2010. 2010 was one of the most disruptive as far as strikes and protests yet we had no problems or were affected by anything going on. Every year since it has gotten better with less demonstrations, protests and strikes . . . even though strikes still continue. The only problem you should be concerned about is if there is a strike that affects transportation. Other than that go to Greece . . . don't let the media with its penchant for sensationalizing everything scare you. Just like anywhere you go use common sense and you will find the Greek people kind, courteous, polite and filled with life!

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From looking at the other thread about travel advisories in Greece, it looks like they issued an advisory telling travelers to carry more euros in cash than they normally would because of the increased risk of the Greek banks shutting down or shutting their ATMs due to the current debt crisis. That being said, I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you heed that advice and take a sufficient amount of cash to get you through your trip. We tried to carry cash in Greece anyway, especially on the islands, as you are more likely to run into places there that don't accept credit cards anyway.

But I've only been to Greece once, so more seasoned Greece travelers may have better advice on that front. I'd suggest you take a look at the other travel thread about this, posted by Jeff.

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I seem to recall this warning about the currency and possible withdrawal of Greece from the Euro zone has happened before (I'd have to search way back in the archives of the forum).

Nothing happened then and I doubt anything will happen now. A currency change of that magnitude is not something that would happen overnight, and it would probably be announced well in advance.

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I just returned from Athens, Greece and I want to reiterate what Alyssa said regarding cash.
Cash (euros) is preferred everywhere and credit cards are not accepted for tickets to museums (the Acropolis and the Archaeological, and in the museum cafe etc.) My advice is to take enough cash to pay for the majority of your activities in Greece.
Having said that, we found Athens to be rather inexpensive (meals etc.) when compared to other European cities.