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Transportation on Aegina Island

We have a few days in Athens when we travel there in October and were thinking of going to Aegina Island for a day trip. Wondering if anyone knows how we can get around once on the island. I would prefer not to have rent a car but if we have to we will. Is it practical to walk or take taxis to get around the island once we are there? Thanks

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The two ferry companies serving Aegina Island are Hellenic Seaways with highspeed ferries and Anes Ferries with the Agios Nektarios ferry

Check the timetables here:

Hellenic Seaways:

Anes Lines:

The crossing time is 40 minutes or 1h15 depending on the type of ferry

In my opinion a single day is not enough to visit Aegina, the best is to stay there at least one night.

In Aegina there are 3 bus lines which all depart from Aegina Port at Ethnegersias Square.

Line 1 goes to Perdika via Marathonas (9 km - 25 minutes)

Line 2 goes to Vagia via Kipseli and Souvala (8 km - 30 minutes)

Line 3 goes to Agia Marina via Nektarios and Mesargos (15 km - 40 minutes).

Note that there are no more than 6 a day per route even in the summer.

Bus timetables are available here:

Attention also these schedules will change around September 10

You will find car rental companies at the port. A rental day in October costs from €40 to €50 depending on the car category

There are also taxis.
The taxi costs between 8 to 20 euros depending on the distance

See the Aegina tourist website for more information

Examples of walks and hikes on this link:

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I'm planning a 4 day stay on Aegina early October and feel a day trip would be fine to explore the main town but could limit how much to see on the rest of the island

You could get a bus or taxi to the Temple of Aphaia.

If you want to rent a car check out Auto Ways Rental. They gave me a great price for a small car. You'll have more options if you rent a car for the day.

If you can spare two days then it may be better to check out a island often overlooked by tourists.

Here's a very good website for an alternative way to see the island. The videos are especially nice and helpful:

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This is really great marvelous advice and info. Thanks so much.

One other question and if you don't know the answer we'll figure it out ourselves but do you know if we would need to get advance reservations for an auto rental? We are not sure what ferry we'll take and what time we'll be there. Also I see that we may be prohibited from renting since we are both over 70 years old and see that some agencies may not rent to us at that age (ridiculous as that may be)..

Alternatively would you know if we can get taxis to and from the sites on the island (would prefer this option).

Thanks again.

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By the way I too wish we could stay another day but are unfortunately just limited to one day on the trip next year.

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There are several car rental companies in Aegina (at the port). In October you will have no difficulty finding an available rental car.

It's true that above 70 yo some charge extra fees or even refuse to rent a car. You have to check with them.

There are also travel agencies in Aegina who might be able to organize a visit for the day but if you don't know when and at what time you will arrive on the island I don't see how this can be arranged in advance.

Getting around by taxi will not be a problem, but the driver will have to wait for you when you visit a place and bring you back. It will be necessary to check on the spot with the taxi drivers what are their prices and their availability.

In short, I'm afraid that without a minimum of planning in advance you'll waste a lot of your day traveling by ferry and looking for travel and visits solutions once you arrive on Aegina.

Why not enjoy Athens one more day instead?

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Now we have the information we need that doesn't typically appear in a guidebook so very grateful. Yes a long day in Aegina is not enough but through circumstances we will be in Athens for more than a week so plenty of time and would like to see an island before our travels beyond Athens. So it is a decent use of our time. Also would like to see someplace new after being in Greece a few times before. Thanks so much again.

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It's up to you to decide.

After about 30 years of traveling in Greece and its islands, here is what I advise you once you have prepared what you want to do in Aegina:

  • Check with the local car rental companies in Aegina to find out if you can get a car when you arrive at the port.

Here are two:


Giakas Rental

  • If you are not renting a car contact the local travel agencies to find out what they can arrange for you for a day in Aegina.

Here is one:


  • 3 or 4 days before your ferry trip check the Aegina weather forecast here:

Bad weather with 7Bf (or more) winds and chances are the ferries will be cancelled.

No ferry = No island visit

If the weather is good,

  • plan to take a ferry as early as possible in the morning.

In October there will be 3 or 4 ferries before 8:30 am.

You can have an overview of all ferry schedules at:

No need to book in advance. At the port of Piraeus the ferries to Aegina depart from gate E8 which is less than 10 minutes walk from the Piraeus metro station. There are ticket offices right next to the docks.

See Port map here:

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I will add one vital tip for Aegina visit -- do NOT buy tickets for a HYDROFOIL -- go at least 1 way (outbound or return ) on a "Conventional" Ferry -- on the latter you sit out on open deck & enjoy the 1-hour sail... the seascape, the giant liners & freighters, the occasional 3-masted Schooner, the sleek racing boats... its part of he fun. On a hydrofoil you are stuck in a cabin w assigned seat and salt-frosted windows -- NO view. The regular ferries are not as frequent -- I think I saw that off-season there's one at about 8:30, and perhaps not another until noon... so you may have to get down to Pireaus early (have your hotel get a taxi). The night before, just go to any ticket agency near your hotel -- they are everywhere, and inquire about timetable. If the open-deck ferry goes earlier than you'd like, you could book a hydrofoil, and just make sure to book the inbound sail on open-deck vessel (I think there's one around 6pm.

I always give the Aegina inquirers this link to a day-trip photo-rama - it shows that the the ferry ride is an important part of the experience.

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I've been on a number of hydrofoil ferries and they are no fun and often are sea-sickening, to me at least. The worst was from Spain to Morocco. Thanks for the advice and the knowledge that few conventional ferries run. We'll check schedules before we go. Thanks for the link to the photos.