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Transfer between Athens and Piraeus


Me and two other friends will visit Greece in Sep 2017. We will join a 4-day mainland tour and on the last day, back to Athens around 7pm. Planning to take the night ferry from Piraeus to Heraklion. Looking for ways of transfer between Athens to Piraeus. I checked Viator website. It is 63.75Euro for 3 of us. Any other recommendation?


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You can take the metro/train/subway - whatever it is called - to the port from Constitution Square and then walk to the port - less than a mile.

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If you leave from Constitution (aka Syntagma) Square it means taking the Blue Line one stop from there to the Monastiraki Station where you will catch the Green Line going towards Piraeus. You can also take the bus from Syntagma Square to Piraeus. I believe the current fare for either a bus from Syntagma or the train from Monastiraki is only about €1.50 per passenger. There is also an express bus to Piraeus from Syntagma, X80. I think it's €4.00pp but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone with current information will respond to your posting with accurate pricing. Just know that €63.75 is RIDICULOUS!

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Frank is right about Metro -- I think it is about €1.8 ticket. DO be aware that pickpockets target this run, because of so many US tourists traveling who are often "public transportation virgins" ... they keep money & valuables in pockets, or in backpacks ON their backs. Just be aware... either use a security "pouch" (hangs around neck, under one's shirt) or Money belt (which I don't like), OR carry in your Zipped Daybag w. hand on zipper. Just be prudent; I've done this trip probably dozens of times without incident, but I'm a vet of the NYC, Chicago and Philly Metros. When u emerge from Metro Terminal, your Ferry to Crete will be either at Pier 2, 3, or 4 -- see this map: Find out ahead of time. If it seems too far to walk pulling luggage, a taxi for 3 should not break the bank.

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Thanks everyone. Really good info! Now I know I should also stay in a hotel near to either Constitution Square of Monastiraki Station for ease of going around Athens. :-)

I may change plan to visit Naxos instead of Crete due to time constraint. After my classical tour, will put up a night in Piraeus and take the next morning 7.25am ferry. In this case, I can always take the mode of transport as you suggested as we are not in a rush then.