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Train from Katakolo to Olympia?

Rick's books mention a train from Katakolo to Olympia. I went to the web site listed and could find other trains in Greece, but not this one. I wonder if it's not running because of the government cutbacks? Has anyone used this train recently? We're arriving in Katakolo on a cruise. I can take an excursion to Olympia, but I'd like to have more time there than the excursions allow.

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The correct spelling is KATAKOLON. Try your search again using this. I just did and even a timetable came up.

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Thanks for your reply, Norma.

I'm at, the site given on pages 1040-1 of RS's book, "Mediterranean Cruise Ports" in the section for Katakolo (that's how it's spelled in the book).
When I start to type in "Kata..." for the station, I'm given one choice - Katakolo. It just comes up.
Maybe I'm at the wrong web site?
What site are you using?

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According to, extra, direct trains are added to meet cruise ships, but you have to wait and confirm the info there (usually good advice for Greece, anyway). The book is recommending the Geo Travel bus option at least equally, so keep that option on your list.