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train from Athens to Kalambaka

Does anyone know what the actual names of the train stations are for the Athens to Kalambaka train ride? I am looking at the Athens Metro map and have no idea where to get on and where to get off lol... Thanks in advance!


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Jason, that is Larissa Station in Athens, one Metro stop from Omonia. Then Kalambaka Station in Kalambaka, a small station in a small city. Kalambaka and nearby Meteora and its monasteries are a very worthwhile destination, although I found the train ride long and quite tedious.

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Larry, (and Jason), yes a train ride is long and tedious, a bus ride would be too, also driving. It is not meant to be easy to reach ... think about it. The medieval monkish orders who built on top of pillars to escape the world were not concerned with being within easy reach of major population centers. If you want a quick trip, there are lots of closer, secular places.