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Train - Athens to Delphi

Just read the posts about the more recent improvements to the train system in Greece - and I'm wondering if anyone has taken the train from Athens to Delphi via Tithorea, where you can get a cab transfer to Delphi (for about E50-60). Total travel time is estimated at 2hrs 20 min by RometoRio. Before I searched this I assumed there was no train to Delphi, whatsoever, as I never read anything about it before. I'm assuming this is a new line or re-opened line, so please tell me if anyone has any experience with this.
I'm willing to pay for a little more comfort - I'm 71 (experienced solo traveler) and will be traveling alone - the shorter trip, ability to walk on the train, and avoidance of a 4.5 hr bus ride is very appealing. My plan is to spend the night in Delphi, allowing for arrival day late afternoon/evening exploration at my own quiet pace, and to visit the Athena Pronaia site at opening time the next morning, for the light and ghostly ambiance :)

To clarify - I'll be traveling in mid-May. I'm not interested in an overnight bus tour - read too many reviews (CHAT, GO and 'the other one') of crowded buses, blaring PA systems, late pickups, and being herded thru the crowded site at peak visitation times. Plus I'd rather choose my own hotel and tavernas. That being said, my prime interest lies in anyone's knowledge about or personal experience with the train / taxi to Delphi. Any info at all is helpful and very much appreciated. Thanks in advance :).

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i could not get a solution for Athens to Tithorea

I have no experience getting to Delphi by train, but was intrigued at the prospect.
Think it is a great plan, if the train co-operates.

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Thanks Joe, I'll wait and see what transpires between now and when I'm actually traveling: mid-May 2022. I did finally get a 'sample' schedule on the Greek rail website but it was not easy. I know it sounds far off, but I've had to cancel my fully planned/reserved Greece trip for 2020, and again for this year !! ---so I am very determined. The time lapse MAY work in my favor with that route in particular. My real concern is the transfer from Tithorea, because it's not really on the tourist map yet, it may be hit or miss.
Ultimately, if that plan looks too "iffy", I may opt for a private transfer going TO Delphi, maybe with a stop at Loukas monastery, and then take the Ktel bus for the return trip to Athens. That cost is similar to a 2 day overnight tour, without the tour bus herding, and I can then zone out on Ktel, on the way back :)
Does anyone know: would I get that one way Ktel return ticket (Delphi to Athens) in Athens or in Delphi?

By the way, I'm sure there are some good 2 day Delphi tour experiences, and I'm sure that people are more inclined to write about negative experiences than great ones, but most of the group tours Ive been on were tolerated out of necessity. If anyone knows of a 'magic bus' to Delphi, I'm listening..... (pun intended)....

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There is a railway station in Tithorea on the Athens-Thessaloniki main line, it takes about 1:30 to get there from Athens. If you are lucky it might be slightly faster in 2022. But no railway to Delphi, however looks like a serious company.

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Is there a reason you want to go via Tithorea rather than Livadia?

I don’t know the Tithorea to Delphi road but looking at the map it is fairly mountainous. It would probably be very scenic but it could also be pretty slow. I also find being a passenger on those mountain roads quite uncomfortable, but maybe that’s just me?

From Livadia you can join up with the main Athens to Delphi road. That’s steep in parts but pretty direct.

It might be worth checking out the company Badger found and asking for a price for both?

None of that is the personal experience you asked for. For what it’s worth we did Athens to Kalavryta by train on our last trip, about 18 months ago. They haven’t finished upgrading the line and so we had to get off a little past Corinth. There was no taxi rank at the station but there was a small snack bar. We asked them to call us a taxi and they were happy to oblige. We did this in Greek but I’m sure they would have been able to respond in English.


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Thanks for all of your helpful replies, I certainly will check out the Badger website.
Good one Lindy ;)

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The intercity (KTEL) bus trip to Delphi is excellent, inexpensive, on modern busses with airconditioning, and comfortable upholstered lean-back seating -- nice passengers, a mix of tourists & Greeks, don't know how you'd do better. A taxi from a Plaka hotel to the bus station is about €12, and a 1-way ticket is about €15; trip takes about 3 hours, with a rest stop ;midway. I'm not sure where you get the 4.5 hour number (if it came from a dtour company that is because such busses often stop at 5-6 Athens hotels even before they leave town!! ugh). This site - gives the usual timetable hasn't changed in years.

My first visit to Delphi (on my first trip to greece in '99) was a horrendousd day- tour group experience ... a dozen years later, on tdhe last day of May, I took a bus with a friend, same timing as you plan, and it was PERFECT. That 3pm bus arrives about 5:15 or so ... it can stop at the ruins site, but u stay on for about 1 km to the turnaround in centr of town. Get off and walk a few 100 metres to a modest hotel; we stayed at PAN... the rooms in back == on the main floor - had a view down mountainside to thesea, with hawks circling BELOW the balcony where I stood!. All tour-busses were gone, the museum was still open, so we strolled along the parapet for a km to the site and enjoyed the museum almost empt y. Dinner was outside on a patio right by parapet walls looking at sunset & sea, drinking water that was Nectar of th Gods (piped direct from snowmelt atop Mt Parnassus!). Next AM our landlord gave us early breakfast, we walked to the site, entered 8:15, had 2.5 hushed hours before the invasion of tour groups, by that time we were hi up on the site, so still on our own. Walked down the road to the Pronaia,filled our water bottles at the famous spring. We caught a 1:30 bus back to Athens... no rush no fuss no crowds.

To get the most from the site, advance prep is very rewarding. Tour Groups often get a very simplistic "gods & goddesses" version. Here are the resources I recommend for ADVANCE PREP & PRINT to TAKE:

• Printable Maps! (Museum, Sacred Precinct, Wider area) –
• Sacred Destinations - Ads, but good info; see menu on side
• Dr J's Delphi –
NOTE: click items in SIDE MENU for complete photos & explanatory text. SUPER!
• Wikipedia entry, succinct & surprisingly good ---

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I'm with Janet - just take the KTEL bus direct. Figure out the schedule that works for you and plan around that.